Can Tari be stopped?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Had enough of “Right Fit” yet?

I remember Tari telling the Council they HAD to buy the Sugar Creek Packing property to keep anybody else from buying it.  (Like anybody else was interested)  $245,000 subverting capitalism.

Tari bought the old Mennonite Hospital property so he could control who built there.  When the property was finally listed for sale, the city even included what THEY want to see there, apartments above retail.  Where have we seen that one before?  Of course the apartments can’t be rented to Wesleyan student.  $1.4 million tax dollars wasted to prevent free enterprise.

Here’s the latest:    State-Farm-Demolish-Art-Deco-Headquarters


sf downtown

Tari is already planning on buying the property!

He has to find the “Right Fit”.

Somebody at the US Conference of Mayor must have told him he’s way smarter than every capitalist.  (He isn’t even close)

The people that built the Coliseum thought they were really smart too.

Ditto the BCPA.

State Farm needs to take their time demolishing the building. 

Please don’t finish until Tari is out of office.








21 thoughts on “Can Tari be stopped?

  1. Agree wholeheartedly that SF take its’ time. However, what if, in the mean time, the building falls to the West and squishes the “Koos Dome” ? Mayor Renner, please bear in mind that arrogance can sometimes lead to humiliation.

  2. Was Rt 9 bike lanes ever on the Bloomington City Council Agenda? Who gave the state the go ahead?

    In answer to your question the answer is No. there is no stopping Tari. He is the dictator of Bloomington. Checks and balances is a joke.

    1. It’s a State road. The City is given a chance to provide what it’s like but the State can file it away in the same bucket as Renner’s and Koos’s common sense.

  3. ,,,and the Attorney General does not have the best interests of the people of ILL-annoy neither. Otherwise the tyrants such as Renner and Koos might have something to fear.

  4. We need to be getting someone ready to run against Tari in the next election. It’s never too soon to prepare.

  5. From the article to another link.

    “Koos also expressed dismay over the environmental impact of tearing down the building instead of finding another use for it.
    “The building itself and the preservation of such buildings is an extraordinarily important part of our need as a community to cut the carbon footprint,” Koos said.

    What ???

    1. Gregg Koos was in 100% supporter of brother Chris Koos in supporting the new Normal no matter what got tore down. Follow the money with this joke of a historian through his brother.

      1. I’ve had conversations with Greg about Peoples Bank. He wanted it tore down for the good of the people back then. What kind historian advocates tearing down historic buildings? LIBERAL historians that who. He was all in for destroying Peoples bank and the history surrounding it.

  6. SF needs to go in at 2am with a wrecking crew and take the building out while the Emperor is sound asleep . Tari isnt buying all this property , the taxpayers of Bloomington are buying it. And as owners of the properties mentioned, they should demand as to what should be done with property, not the Emperor. The Emperor should stick to his day job of warping students mind (or should he?) instead of pretending he’s a real estate investor.

  7. Cant wait to see how long the words Downtown HOTEL comes up. Tari has not forgotten it and the SF site would be a right fit.

    1. Yes, maybe once the guys sell the downtown Normal hotel they will want to invest that money in building one in downtown Bloomington. Actually the only way a hotel would succeed in downtown Bloomington is if the rooms were rented by the hour any support staff were available at a good rate.

  8. The ‘right fit’ is destroying Bloomington (and Normal). We’re on the way to being Decatur…

  9. As long as low voter turnout Tari and company will continue! To many citizens in Bloomington are more interested in their basketball, baseball and football teams winning then to care enough to vote against city corruption! ☹️

  10. Not to worry, Tari’s campaign hack and political manservant, Justin Boyd, penned a persuasive opinion piece in the Slantagraph about how Bloomington needs economic development “wins” like Rivian and Brandt. Hahaha! Apparently, he forgot to mention all the economic development loses – BCPA, Collesium/Arena, Downtown Business Association, all TIF districts – in the city’s history.

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