Regina, you need mental health treatment

By:  Diane Benjamin

See this story from May 18, 2017

This is the opening paragraph:

The first person to be banned from commenting on this site is a lady named Regina Boe.  She is employed by the Carol Stream Library, she’s far from local.  Regina was banned because she has no interest in having a conversation , she simply spouts left-wing talking points.  If she is proved wrong, she just changes the subject.  She has been doing this for YEARS!

The story goes on to document comments she left on this site while being paid by the taxpayers of Carol Stream.

I have no idea how the Library saw that story but Regina was other fired or retired after they saw it.  I’m positive she thinks I sent the story to the library.  I didn’t, but I do have lots of friends in the area who might have.  They probably had Google alerts so they knew what the public was saying about the library.

She blames me for ruining her life!  She is a typical leftist who accepts no personal responsibility for her actions.  Worse, two years later she is still blaming me.  Several months ago I filed a report with the McLean County Sheriff’s department because she started threatening to show up at my house for a personal apology.

She owes the taxpayers of Carol Stream an apology, I don’t owe her a thing.

This lady is mentally ill.  Yesterday she left a long list of comments that I didn’t post.  Here’s a sample:


Ignoring Regina, not posting her comments, and not answering her emails does not make her stop.  She is back again today:


She has been obsessed with me and BlnNews for at least 4 years.  She has no connection to the area.  I believe she lives in Lombard.  She needs immediate intervention before something serious happens.

I hope some reader knows her or a member of the family and can get her help now.  If she shows up at my house it is not going to end well.

14 thoughts on “Regina, you need mental health treatment

  1. Most sane and tech savvy people know that what they put on the internet is pretty much public knowledge. My rule of thumb is: if you would be ashamed to show what you write to your grandmother… it is probably best not to post it online. Luckily both of my grandmothers were outspoken fireballs, so I say pretty much whatever I want. Get help Regina! Life is too short to live with hate about a event that was caused by you not Diane. And finally: Regina… it sucks to be rodeo goat on crack crazy…. so deal with it!

  2. For those who want to see a scary person go to her twitter account (Regina’s)

    Talk about crazy…..

    In the meantime I suggest you get David (your husband) to put out a yard flag from his “in home” business so the guys with the butterfly nets can find you easily on 524 Tanager Ct in Lombard.

    Meantime I enjoy your posts as they remind me of how stupid and crazy people like you are and why I need to vote to keep your friends out of office.

  3. Holy crap she’s beyond obsessed! Her Twitter is full of links for a site called “blnnewsalternative…” That’s insane. What a nut job. Pretty scary to think she was working a library around children…

  4. WOW that chick is coo coo. Allstate use to say don’t leave home without it. I suggest the same. And I don’t mean insurance.

  5. I agree with most things on this site. However, I hate to see someone’s personal information (home address) get posted. There are nut jobs on both ends of the spectrum, so please don’t do that.

    Thank you

    1. Your opinion, but if it is on the internet and easily found I disagree. If she (Regina) is going to dish it out in the manner she has she will have to accept there are consequences for such.

      Thank you

      1. Fair enough. I just think that the war of ideas is more easily won by taking the high ground. There are no winners, only losers, in a tit-for-tat social media posting campaign. It gives the progressives ammunition for declaring us conservatives as rapid dogs, and vice versa. Web-based torches and pitchforks do nothing but fan the flames of division. Let her words speak for themselves. You underestimate your opponent when you assume they are a total idiot. This I learned from decades spent in the cut throat local corporate environment. But now I’m long gone from IL, so just following the real news from my home town of 30+ years.

      2. We will have to agree to disagree. I have found individuals such as this have to realize we will not be bullied around. Quite a few people are paying the price for taking the so called “high” ground now days in Illinois by not standing up to Mike Madigan and his crew in the past. We also have bullies who need to be kept in check in both mayor’s offices and on the city council. I was glad to see RC McBride lose his seat because people said enough and stood up to be counted. I learned this from being involved in broadcasting for 4 decades. I never underestimate the other side but I will not refrain from speaking my opinion because if I can’t do that why bother with any of this?

  6. Including but not limited to the serated edges on the tape dispenser perhaps all sharp objects should be removed from her home, for safety and that of others. Taking away the favorite trolling spot might be more that one can handle.

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