Carol Stream government employee!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The first person to be banned from commenting on this site is a lady named Regina Boe.  She is employed by the Carol Stream Library, she’s far from local.  Regina was banned because she has no interest in having a conversation , she simply spouts left-wing talking points.  If she is proved wrong, she just changes the subject.  She has been doing this for YEARS!

Being banned doesn’t stop her from reading or commenting, I delete most of her nonsense.  But two days ago must have been a slow day at the library.  Regina was commenting all day and upset I wouldn’t post her comments.  I did approve two – see this story:

Regina has no idea what she is talking about, but that doesn’t stop her from inserting her own facts.  She commented five times on Tuesday – only two of her comments were approved and only to prove how clueless she is.

Regina doesn’t believe in FOIA requests, so I FOIA’d the Carol Stream Library to see how many hours she worked on May 16th:

According to the FOIA, she worked 7.5 hours.  The first 4 comments used the IP address for the library.  (See below) It looks like for 7 1/2 hours of work with 1/2 hour lunch, she worked 9-4:30.  She wasn’t taking a break at 9:43 and 9:47 – less than an hour after she started.  1:18 is a little late for lunch and 4:27 would have been right before she clocked out.  The fifth comment at 7:10 pm was made from her phone.

I have to question Regina’s sanity.  Why would anybody spend an entire day commenting on a site pertaining to local issues many miles down state?  Carol Stream is in far west Dupage County.

The Carol Stream Library does believes in FOIA requests.  I didn’t have to wait 5 days to get her hours.  I wonder how they feel about an employee not doing work while on the clock?  Employers usually expect their employees to actually work, especially when they make this much:

Maybe I should let the library know what one of their employees is up to while collecting taxpayer dollars.

Maybe the Carol Stream taxpayers will want to know too!

The below show the times of all her comments.

9:43 AM

9:47 AM

1:18 pm

4:27 PM

7:10 pm

This is the IP address for the first four comments:  [Redacted]

Origin AS
Customer CAROL STREAM LIBRARY (C03057648)


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13 thoughts on “Carol Stream government employee!

  1. Maybe Regina SHOULD spend some time proofreading or learning PROPER ENGLISH, as her emails are less then 7th grade work.
    And for $58 K a year, WHAT does she do? Hand write the darn books?


  2. Have dealt with the type, in a library setting. Absolutely Stalinist. It is why the latest Ann Coulter book always seems to be miss filed and unavailable. And only Leftist best sellers manage to make it to the “New Release” display. Have even had snotty comments made when I checked out books by Conservative authors.


  3. “Maybe I should let the library know what one of their employees is up to while collecting taxpayer dollars.”
    Kind of interesting one day this week there was a story on USA Today where a congressman sent a letter to some bank CEO about an activist in the bank. Geez people were all over that saying it was wrong to do that. My only comment was well just maybe that person was violating a bank policy. I felt the congressman did nothing wrong and certainly nothing illegal. Other commenters felt employees should be allowed to do just what ever and the congressman was evil.
    Chances are if you did report it nothing would be done. Something about the liberal mindset where they wouldn’t have a problem with it. Try doing that at some private employer and you would likely be coached not to use company resources or be shown the exit door.


  4. Considering Regina works in Tech Services at a municipal library, she probably has nothing to do other than sit in front of the computer all day. Considering it is a government job, using the computer to “search” publications could be viewed as part of her job. It is hard to tell from the list of work hours but Regina may be the supervisor or simply unsupervised. Does that make it right for a civil employee to use publicly owned property for personal use while on the clock? NO! I also notice that her annual salary increases approximately 2.5%. What a cushy job!
    I have seen some of Regina’s rambling posts from the past. Personally, I think you should allow more of them and let your readers respond to her “arguments.”
    Regarding the sewer lining, the issue for me is that the City Council will not allocate sufficient funds to replace the sewers so they will last for more than 30 years–the life of the linings The linings are “band-aides.” It is the same philosophy used for resurfacing the streets to the level of “fair”–spend as little as possible to placate the voters instead of investing for the long term.


  5. BOTTOM LINE! IF you work for YOURSELF-or others, you get things DONE!!! as nobody is going to pay the boss except YOU! BUT if you work for someone else, it’s NOT a sluff time festival! I worked in the private sector for 25 years, and YES. There’s slow times and times you work hard. It’s PART of the deal! There’s NO free rides, no give me stuff and NO handouts. But IF you work for a private person, you work WHEN you have to, do what you have to and are THERE when you gotta be there. You don’t get to pick and choose your “goof off time: which in this case seems to be a regular occurrence.. I have NO sympathy whatsoever for this kind of person. She SHOULD be helping people do research, rather then PREACHING her own agenda!!
    This IS the problem with the liberals. They want it ALL and they want it NOW!
    And old boss once told me ya gotta CRAWL before ya can walk and before ya can FLY!!
    You getting this Regina??


  6. Maybe this needs to be posted in a letter to the furor of the local carol stream newspaper and then forwarded to the Library board that gave her that cushy salary. Where I work it violates the code of conduct and is grounds for termination as it is considered theft. As a small business owner and elected official I would recommend she be terminated


  7. This leads me to wonder: why don’t you ever post any of the comments I provide? I’ve been quite respectful, and provided sources for information which seems to challenge the assertions you make. It’s disappointing that you censor me. You’re far more knowledgeable than I am, but you won’t engage me in conversation to help me learn. If you don’t want to have the conversation publicly, you could at least email me.

    I’m starting to think that you’re trying to lay a trap – goad people into being aggravated and posting something mean in a moment of emotion, so you can hold them up as examples of poor behavior by liberals. That reaction from Renner a few years back, for example. Many of us progressive-leaning folk are kind, caring, Christian people. However, we can also be a bit niave and idealistic, so it is important to keep grounded. I look to you as someone who can help with that. But if you’re doing things to get a rise out of me, that just makes me not want to listen.

    You mention sometimes that liberals won’t talk to you. I’d be happy to make your acquaintance. Let me know if you ever want to have a cup of coffee. Thanks for what you do.


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