Bray starts bad! (and other spending)

By:  Diane Benjamin

Kimberly Bray was just elected to represent the 9th Ward.  Rumor has it she has never voted in a local election before this one. (If she did – she could easily prove it!)  Rumor also has it that Joni Painter and Tari Renner recruited her to run.

She obviously doesn’t read BlnNews either because other aldermen started paying for their own “free lunches” or they got Tari to bury them.  They got tired of seeing their name associated with Tari’s free lunches.  Bray didn’t get one free lunch – she got TWO:

Why did Tari have lunch with D. Bentley – twice?  Isn’t he the guy with no money to finish the C2 East building and the guy who sued the City for TIF money?

Tari needed a $73 flag for his office?

Bray got a third free lunch with Hales!

What was Diana Hauman doing in Pittsburg?

Springfield got another $61,892

Pantagraph and Cumulus radio (WJBC etc) got paid:






8 thoughts on “Bray starts bad! (and other spending)

  1. An American flag in the mayors office not so bad. However it’s a bit ironic as this mayor couldn’t care less as to what it actually stands for. Wonder if it’s right next to a picture of Karl Marx.


  2. Jan didn’t get to eat as well as the others, their lunch was only $18.50. She should demand another so it’s fair and all.


  3. I see a REAL problem with an AMERICAN flag in Tari Renners office, as he SHOULD have a RED one with a sickle on it. He’s about as UNAMERICAN as they come. And eating off OUR tax dollars as our streets.etc, erode, well, Nero, you better keep your fiddle tuned up, while we light the fire… This administration has NO representation for the citizens, it’s ALL me,me, and MORE ME!
    And Hales getting a pay increase is just pee in the cereal!
    I’ll quit before I get banned……


  4. David Hales racks up $126.17 for dinner for two at Outback. I wonder what the detailed receipt says about that one. I’m not sure there is anything on Outback’s menu that would be that much, unless they tipped 100%, bought two meals each, or ordered alcohol. Certainly Hales would not leave attendees off the list, would he?


    1. Hales had lunch the day before at Jim’s Steakhouse with the same person. And, Hales is sending his assistant to a conference. The Assistant City Manager is attending a conference too. If all conference expenses were totaled, the sum would be significant. Renner is attending the conference of mayors again (9th time) to be indoctrinated about downtowns and millennials. Renner attends these love fests twice per year. How much new information can be amassed in 6 months?


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