By:  Diane Benjamin

My husband is coming home tomorrow!  Andy was supposed to be at BroMenn for 3 weeks, but he is progressing so well he got out a week early.

Andy still has more outpatient rehab to go, but he is closing in on a complete recovery.  Only many many prayers and God’s grace can account for his miraculous healing!  Most people don’t recover from a burst brain aneurysm, if they survive at all.   He will have been hospitalized for 34 days, 10 of them completely unconscious.  It’s been a wild ride.

Thanks for all the prayers everybody!  The ride isn’t over, but it’s getting close to the finish line.




  1. Cavewoman says:

    Wonderful news! God is great!


  2. Oh, such great news Diane! Hope your hubby continues to do well. Thanks for sharing with us.


  3. That’s wonderful news Diane. So glad to hear that. All the best to you both.


  4. Great to hear it! Seems people recover better at home, as hospitals “tend” to be noisy places and also stressful.


  5. Cue the atheist haters in 3…2…1. They wouldn’t want to miss out on their daily “Soros Money” for posting drivel and vile comment. Kinda like Bloomington’s mayor.


  6. dws1948 says:

    Diane, I am very happy for you and your husband. Yes the journey is not over, but you are a hell of a lot closer for sure. Best wishes. Donnie Shields.



  7. Great news! We’ll all continue the prayers for a speedy and full recovery. Big hugs!


  8. mittenpaws says:

    Great news!!


  9. Amen to Cavewoman’s comment.


  10. Good news! He’s very fortunate. I had a relative who passed away at night. All though I thought someone told me she knew she had one.
    I had a MRI/MRA done a month or so ago and they didn’t find any. Makes one wonder if people should get MRI’s like they do for a colonoscopy for prevention. My problem they think is spinal fluid leak. USA Today had a story about someone in IN that had a bad case of it. First they thought I had high spinal fluid pressure which has similar symptoms. I was amazed at how many physician’s know nothing about that and the symptoms.
    Best wishes for a full recovery!


  11. Susan Irick says:

    Oh, Diane
    That’s wonderful news. Only God could grant such a miracle recovery. You have been blessed.


  12. Happy to hear about your husband. And welcome your continued informative articles!


  13. Great news, but if God is responsible for his recovery isn’t he also culpable for the medical issue that caused three weeks of hospitalization? Seems sociopathic to make someone sick only to get credit for making him well.


  14. Melanie says:

    God is good forever and amen! Thankful to hear he is doing so well. I will keep him on my prayer list.


  15. debra jeakins says:

    Wonderful! Just goes to show that God’s grace is everywhere!


  16. Sharon McCormick says:

    Continued prayers

    Sharon McCormick Sent from my IPad



  17. He’s come a long way, best wishes for a complete recovery.


  18. JEDALE1@aol.com says:

    Diane; We are so happy to hear about Andy. Has to be a real relief for you and the kids. Know many prayers were made on his behalf. Tell Andy we said hello. Eunice and Jack Dale


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