Jenn Carrillo: Using the incite violence playbook?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Jenn Carrillo gets talking points from the Southern Poverty Law Center.  SPLC is a money making machine promoting personal attacks for money.

splc scam

See more at the link above.  This organization thrives on hate and violence.

Any person or organization that uses the Southern Poverty Law Center as a source for information is either trying to deceive you or completely uniformed about what this anti-christian organization does.

Enter Jenn Carrillo.  She is spreading hate about Sheriff Jon Sandage.  This sign was at one of the recent Black Lives Matter events:

sandage sign

Why is Jenn and her crew of socialists pushing this narrative?  Because Sandage attended a conference in Washington DC put on by FAIR – Federation of American Immigration Reform.  FAIR paid all the expenses.  The conference dealt with border security, human trafficking, and drugs coming across the border.

The SPLC has declared FAIR a hate group so Jenn jumped on board.  The 180 sheriffs who attended were invited to the White House to meet President Trump.  Of course that offends the SPLC and Jenn.  Orange Man Bad.  Of course Trump wasn’t a racist until he ran for office.  He has received awards for his work with inner city youth, here’s one:

Jenn has probably never talked to Sheriff Sandage.  If she had she would find out he has 2 bi-racial grandkids.  3 years ago Jon and his wife took in 2 black teens whose mother was homeless.

The short video below is from yesterday.  Jenn is teaching the largely WHITE crowd hand signals.  Close to the end they are practicing responses – she calls for a crowd response to Sheriff Sandage being associated with HATE GROUPS.

The SPLC inspired the shooter at the Family Research Center according to FBI records.  Google it.

Is Jenn attempting to do the same?

Jenn posted this to her Facebook page about today’s joint meeting at the BCPA:

carrillo not going

The County Board sets jail policy, but Jenn can’t let facts get in her way.  Jenn is her own personal hate group spreading her lies and deception to the unsuspecting do-gooders.  The Black Live Matter mantra is:

No Justice No Peace

No Peace?  Maybe that’s why Jenn wants to jail cleared of violent crime suspects!  Keep in mind Jenn calls herself a socialist.  Socialism is always violent, millions have died because of anarchists like Jenn.  She is the enemy within to freedom and liberty.  Of course she would refuse to attend a unity event today.

Sheriff Sandage sent me documents from the FAIR event he attended.  Very hate filled – if you don’t believe in laws and the Constitution.

FAIR Event Agenda

FAIR Event Invitation


11 thoughts on “Jenn Carrillo: Using the incite violence playbook?

  1. So, basically, Jenn sees HERSELF as a one person crusader for justice and peace for ALL, with the facts to back it up! To the rest of us she’s CLUELESS..

  2. Jens a perfect example of why we need closed borders. Pack her bags and ship her back. If this country is so awful she can go back to wherever her family is from. Deport her we don’t need excrement like her in our country!

  3. Although there are some really bad cops out there, there is definitely alot of good ones, good people. That said if Jenn is from Mexico i wonder if that is the type of police force she prefers which is not much of a police force at all. Much corruption there. is that a reason as to why she left to come here? The USA isn’t perfect but her silent yet obvious endorsemnet of violent protesting is not the way.

  4. how can carrillo pretend to represent the city when doing crap like this? and the scary thing is there are people challenged enough mentally to listen to her garbage.

  5. Jenn is not a collaborator. Unity is the furthest thing on her mind. She is a narcissist who needs to be in the center of attention. She is a hypocrite.

  6. I saw her post last night. This person is a liar. She is a typical socialist. She doesn’t care about these people. She uses them to further her career. She is a soulless creature. I hope people will finally listen. Vote her butt out or you’ll get more of the same. She went to class along with Nikita to train how to control and incite.

  7. I ALWAYS thought that ONE of the BIG arguments about people who smoked pot is that they were LESS prone to violence!! SO, Is this a text book case study in the OPPOSITE direction, maybe because of a bad genetic defect or just plain hatred??? EIther way, it’s just PLAIN WRONG!!

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