Heartbreaking emails

I redacted the name of the writer because this could have been written by any small business owner.  Note the dates as you read each email.  Large corporations allowed to stay open profited at the expense of your neighbors.  Received by FOIA:page 296

Response from Stan Nord:
page 295

Pam sent this to the Mayor and Council.  

page 368

The original writer wrote to Stan again:

page 297apage 297b

This is the last email I received on this topic.

page 304

It’s now more than a month after the original email.

Chris Koos and Tari Renner have made it clear they will only listen to Pritzker.  How many small businesses won’t be back?  Meanwhile Pritzker is issuing edicts as he sees fit that aren’t law.

Of course Koos’s business never closed.  This happened May 8th.

koos taunts 2




9 thoughts on “Heartbreaking emails

  1. Maybe you should see if the owner would mind if you share his:her name? Maybe as a community we can support.

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  2. Incredibly sad. My heart breaks for small business owners. The governor has no authority to do what he’s doing. Once the courts sort that out, I hope all small business owners will sue the governor.

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  3. Why isn’t he knocking down the doors to city hall demanding an answer? (rhetorical question) Why isn’t he at public comment for the 7 or 8 Council meetings since his first email? (rhetorical question) Why hasn’t he contacted DeVore or his own attorney to sue. Friday, the Michigan Supreme Court unanimously sided with the 77 year old barber who chose to keep his business open, in spite of the threat by the Communist Governor Whitson.

    Why isn’t every business owner, I assume they have some kind of Association, that is illegally closed, marching on City Hall. Every day?

    That said, I have sent memos to small business owners that I know and do business with, regarding their legal rights and the complete trampling on the Illinois and U S Constitutions, and explaining to them they are being had. Not one of them has bothered to take action.

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    1. I have to agree with you. Stan Nord is a good place to start but your fight can not end there. He is just one person and to win the battle you must be ready to fight the true enemy yourself and enlisting all help you can get. You do have legal avenues. Small business associations should be taking this fight on as well. I am not a union person but face it, unions get what they feel is right thru the power of numbers. Until small businesses understand this and use their own power of numbers the bully (Pritzker) is going to win.

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  4. The fight is with the people who we elected to represent us. Those are the very ones with the power to make change happen. The fact that the majority of politicians do not act to support small businesses and the jobs they create speaks volumes about them. Many business groups have been pushing for businesses to open, they still have to convince enough politicians to act. Remember, in government, what the citizens want is irrelevant. It is only what the majority of politicians want that happens. Nord is a single politician who obviously cares about small businesses and taxpayers; he is simply outnumbered by those who don’t care in Normal. That he is outnumbered is our fault.

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  5. It is ironic that the political class and taxing bodies have their subjective regulatory knee on the financial neck of this and other small business owners to apparently prevent the spread of COVID 19. But where is the expressed outrage from these same people regarding the recent and ongoing mass gatherings? Most individuals in these groups are not wearing face coverings and certainly not maintaining a 6′ distance. Oh, I forgot. The protests are freedom of speech, obviously exempt from the daily proclamations from Health Department Administrator, Jessica McKnight. As noted above, small business owners should get up in the face of Town of Normal Mayor, City Manager and Town Council, giving them some civil and social unrest at their weekly meetings….freedom of speech, don’t you know! It is amazing that Town of Normal taxpayers continue to tolerate a Koos administration that is deceptive, untrustworthy and inept serving their taxpayers best interests. These Drones should have been purged long ago.

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  6. Think the key here like so many other things the decision makers are not impacted negatively, all getting paid, no incentive to change, our option is simple, VOTE THEM OUT and Demand an Administrative Changes.

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