Bloomington Pandering?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The left is famous for “never enough”.  Whatever goals they achieve they want more.  The local police were supposedly so bad a civilian police review board (PSCRB) had to be established.  It took forever before they investigated one complaint – they determined the police did nothing wrong.  They had meetings, printed flyers and brochures, and begged the public for cases.  No minutes for 2020 have been posted, at least January should be.  All meetings since February have been cancelled.

Last night’s meeting was short and would have been a lot shorter if aldermen comments about George Floyd weren’t included.  Donna Boelen joined late due to technical difficulties, she probably missed all the comments by the others.  Since the comments had just ended by the time she joined, she didn’t offer any.

Jenn Carrillo was not on video.  That is because instead of her face, viewers would have seen a Black Lives Matter sign.  Mboka Mwilambwe wasn’t on video either, I don’t know why.

There was close to 100% of people of all colors outraged at the officers involved with the murder of George Floyd.  All four have been charged and could spend the rest of their lives in prison.  One of the officers involved was on his third shift ever.  Another one had only been on the force for 4 days.  Was the real problem the inability to not stand up to a superior officer?  Can the local officers stand up to superiors?

Before you hear the opinions of the Alderman, go back to the email sent by the NCHS’s Assistant Principal who spelled out the Black Lives Matter demands.  She obviously copied this from somewhere:

Mauer BLM

Are the alderman comments supporting the above or are they just ignorant of the facts?

When is Not In Our Town going to condemn the hate of Jenn Carrillo and Jeff Crabill against Sheriff Sandage?  Crabill agreed (on Facebook) with the Carrillo statement on why she didn’t attend the NAACP event yesterday with the police chiefs and sheriff condemning police brutality.  Carrillo and Crabill don’t want discussions?  (speaks volumes about the true intentions)

Tari’s comments start at 8:00, Each Ward representative followed in order.  I’m not going to do YOUR homework for you – listen to them yourself.  Many, including Renner, are up for election next year.

One mentioned voting in November for the changes you wants to see.  Do you want the above?

Decisions aren’t being made based on facts.  All police can not be condemned because of a few bad ones.

8 thoughts on “Bloomington Pandering?

  1. We’re all God’s children. Racists identify by color. Drop the color demands and then I might believe simple words as true intentions.

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  2. These folks have a GREAT rhythm! They all state the SAME demands and even the same order! Must have a good drummer! They’ll be beating those drums for a LONG TIME!


  3. Here is what disturbs me….if a regular joe State Farm Employee did some of the things Jeff Crabill has done they would be fired or demoted. My understanding is this has already happened to some. Why is the supposed good neighbor company hanging on to a loser like Jeff who follows another loser like Jen? Can you imagine what it would be like if Jen worked at State Farm too? They already employ Chemberly Cummings. Mike Tipsord , the bean counter, might lose the “Farm” to spendthrift losers! A take over so to speak


    1. At SF, like all of BN, it’s different rules for different people. Firing Crabill would be akin to firing a minority since he supports their causes. He also is married to a foreigner. Bad publicity for the company just like dismissing Cummings would be the same. They are okay replacing “Jake” with another “Jake” because they are married to political correctness. They also got dragged through the mud on the redlining issue years ago and have never forgotten it. It’s a company run by cowards.


  4. Everyone might want to take a look at their insurance policy. Most do not pay if the damage was caused by an act of war or riot/civil unrest. So all that damage will be on the backs of the business owner.

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