Bloomington tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin

The meeting is going to be out of order (pun intended) tonight.  Meetings usually end with Mayor and Council comments, there must be a reason for this change:

out of order

I’m sure other items will be interesting, but severing ties with VenuWorks piqued my interest.  I don’t know why but the City wrote checks to VenuWorks totally $1600:

venuworks bills

The documentation says nothing about the balance of the $375,000 loan VenuWorks loaned to the City so they could loan it to VenuWorks to remodel the 10 year old facility.  The City has been paying $4999.98 a month for between 45 and 50 months.  To me that means it hasn’t been paid off.  Maybe somebody will ask it tonight.

They claim the termination is because of COVID.  I suspect it also has to do with not living up to expectations.

The pandemic is over:

pandemic over

Extending parking enforcement downtown is back:  (Why would anyone live downtown if there is no free parking?)

downtown parking

I’m sure other interesting items will occur during the meeting, they always do.

4 thoughts on “Bloomington tonight

  1. YEAH! Let’s make it so HARD to park downtown, that you won’t have time to even get a candy bar. Talk about DESTROYING what you SAY you believe in! I request that TARI now be called Mr “catch 22” ?
    I SAY it, but sure as heck DO NOT endorse it, unless it requires a helmet.

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