We are not a racist country!

By:  Diane Benjamin

How did Barack Obama get elected twice if this country is racist?

This video is people most will know talking about racism.  Where are the local black  people standing up to the anarchists in Black Lives Matter?  Yesterday’s event wasn’t led by blacks.  Watch the video, it explains why.


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14 thoughts on “We are not a racist country!

  1. There’s definitely a playbook that many groups seem to be using. Too many of the exact same things being said and done at the same time.

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  2. Just stop talking. You wonder why Democrats get elected? Look right here. It is this ignorant dismissal that racism does not exist because of some cherry picked bullet points. Did you ever get out from the behind your keyboard and have a discussion with BLM members or a black person? There are plenty of examples of racism directed toward Obama. The current President promoted the conspiracy that Obama is not an American citizen. There was the Obama is a Muslim conspiracy to paint him as a supporter and participant of Islamic terrorism. Yes, Muslim is a religion but let’s. It kid ourselves here, I have never known ex-President to be called a terrorist due to the oil interests he had with the Saudis. His wife was called a”gorilla in heels.” That is only touching the surface. If you spent 15 minutes on Google, which you probably didn’t, you would see that this country is FAR from racial harmony. Obama was elected in spite of the racism, not because it doesn’t exist.


    1. You want a frank discussion about racism? Let’s have one. I have worked with many blacks during my life. Not one could ever be trusted to do the right thing at work past a couple of weeks. Just a few of the experiences included two to two and a half hour lunch hours, blacks coming up to me to make fun that “I was working too hard”, constantly out in the parking lot talking to their other half, out all night partying so they couldn’t come to work and call in sick, actually having hiding places at work, etc., etc. Some of the most vile racist and homophobic jokes and diatribes I have heard in my life have come out of the mouths of a black person. I learned that blacks really don’t care for Hispanics that much and really hate Asians. I could site alot more but would have to write for another three hours. I know you hate white people but I really don’t care. As far as your hero Obama, he is the most race dividing president in the history of this country along with his wife. I will stay out of your way if you stay out of mine. I’m done feeling sorry for you people.


    2. BLM is not about “black lives.” Reading their mission and demands, it’s clear that BLM is Marxism with a politically correct, poll-tested name that conveniently makes you a racist if you fight them. But….as a non-racist, fight them I will.

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  3. People are people, no matter where you go, no matter race, ethnicity, nationality, etc. There is good and bad behavior across the board. And that good and bad is individual case by case, person by person. I speak the truth on that.

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  4. I like people like “putthekeyboarddown” Whatever the heck THAT is supposed to say! So We picked on Obama, how about Sara Palin and “pig with lipstick”! I guess that’s cool huh? Pig would probably win awards at the county fair. As for YOUR rant and diatribe, REAL black people KNOW who their friends are, and don’t worry about WHO to call to help them move when they get evicted, as THEIR FRIENDS don’t let them GET into that situation.
    So sorry that’s such a hard point to grasp. But it’s America, a free country, and YEP, We ALL can pick our friends!
    Politicians & idiots, on the other hand, well,, Put their stuff next to the alley..

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  5. Oh by the way, one of the guys in that video knows that racism exists, but it doesn’t stop the racism denial crowd from holding him up as an example “oh look, we are fine because of Lil Wayne, Candace Owens, Ben Carson says there is no racism.”

    We live in a great country, but a racist one at that. John Reed where did you work? Chucky Cheese or something? I have known white people to be just as unreliable yet I don’t think of white people as lazy. Being an idiot is not a characteristic specific to any race, see Dennis Rodman or Kanye West. I love making it so this little safe space for people threatened by change cannot get comfortable. If you want to pass off racism as funny or political correctness go right ahead. And Diane, watching a black person on TV doesn’t count as “having met” or “knowing one”. And your answer just proves you are prejudiced. Victim blame much? But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by you or anyone who inhabits this 4chan for BloNo. Just don’t complain too much when the GOP gets taken down further.



    1. Sounds like you think black people can only get a job at Chucky Cheese. John Reed? Pretty clever. Look in the mirror Ace, you have slot more problems than I do. Out with the move last night showing how brave you are?


  6. Sadly there is racism in this country. And in every other country on planet earth. Throughout all of history. So if you think that racism only exists in America, or is limited to just white on black, you’re living in a state of denial.

    What is at issue is how many people in America are racist. It’s a tough question to answer. What isn’t so hard to answer is that race relations have devolved since the election of Obama as our president. Why? Did the same country that elected its first black president have second thoughts? Even though we elected him for a second term? Or is it something along the lines that the Left always play the race card to corner their political opponents? To divide us so they can conquer us? To even suggest will get you labeled as a racist by the far left because they don’t want to discourse. They don’t want their Alinsky tactics exposed. This is why we can’t have real debate in our society on race or most any other social issue. The worst of us get to politicize everything and get away with it because our society won’t step up in the numbers needed to fight it.

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  7. A straw man (or strawman) is a form of argument and an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent.

    For an example, see Boogaloo Choo Choo’s comment. Everything they wasted time typing out was a straw man.

    So to that commenter……

    I also love how you admit to everyone that you are perfectly fine with bullying, as long as it’s someone you don’t agree with. You say you love making people uncomfortable, yet here you are, clutching at straw men (lol) in a desperate attempt to shame others for having an opinion different than yours. Not one person here has to justify to you or anyone else why they have an opinion different than yours. If an opinion posted here triggers you that much, you can just keep on going and not read it. Problem solved. But I forgot. You’re an admitted bully. Well, good luck with your “boogaloo.” You’re gonna need all the help you can muster.

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