Normal: Systemic waste of your money

By:  Diane Benjamin

Two more properties have been identified Normal is paying property taxes on when they should be exempt.  Think there aren’t more?

Both of these are vacant lots in 1 Normal Plaza, it appears they were acquired after Nick Africano tore down one of the buildings:

property 1

property 2

The relatively small amount of your money being wasted only shows a problem.  The bigger issue is the incompetence exhibited by the City Manager when added to the other properties already identified (Adelaide and Ft Jesse).   Filing required paperwork must be too difficult.  Maybe Pam Reece is merely pretending the EAV is higher than it actually is.

Normal has no problem wasting your money or raising taxes when more money is needed.  The full extent won’t be known until current leadership is replaced.

Voters won’t be heard before the next election since Normal refuses to change their illegal public comment policy and the Attorney General refuses to rule on two requests.

Next April is your turn!

You deserve better.  Get ready to vote.



5 thoughts on “Normal: Systemic waste of your money

  1. WTH!!! I keep hearing the council brag about the “Professional Staff” and how fiscally responsible they are. Nearly every time I come to this site there is a story about Normal pissing away money on something stupid. The council and mayor either do not care or they lack the common sense to lead these “Professional Staff” in a different direction. I have developed serious regrets for the people I voted for. They had better start taking care of town business or they will be replaced at the next election. It is becoming more obvious every day that we have elected the spineless to be led by spendthrift government staff. God help us.

  2. Nick Africano only had one building tore down. The down gave him $500,000 to tear down two buildings. He did not. He pocketed the rest.

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