That’s a felony Karla Marx

By:  Diane Benjamin

Obviously the name is a fake, the police need to find out the real name.  WGLT reported she is afraid for her safety if her real name was known – she should be afraid.  Jail isn’t a fun place I hear.

What did she do?  She admitted to creating the “boycott list”.

The others who shared the boycott list are also guilty.

The police can easily find out who Karla Marx is and file charges.  

Let’s see if laws matter anymore.

It’s pretty hard to tell.

Did you know boycott is illegal in Illinois?  Read it and weep Karla:



19 thoughts on “That’s a felony Karla Marx

    1. For what? Not shopping someplace? Y’all better get ready for the Target Pogram then.

  1. As expected, another BN radical has announced his intentions to run for the Ward 7 council now represented by Scott Black. Kelby Cumpston, a 2012 graduate of ISU and another outsider will vie for the seat. He is a affordable housing manger and active in BLM and Occupy Bloomington-Normal.

  2. Hmmm! So as I interpret this it sounds like our friends Jen and Jeff might have a problem also! It befuddles me why State Farm keeps this guy around. In my opinion his mere presence in the workplace creates a hostile work environment for anyone who works at State Farm.

  3. As I read it, this says intimidation is a felony, and threatening a boycott without lawful authority is intimidation. But that suggests that you can in some instances boycott with lawful authority.

    …just saying.

  4. This is Illinois. Do you expect ANYTHING to happen to Karla Marx or anyone who promotes intimidation ? Jenn and her buds best watch out. BloNo businesses keep her in freebie taxpayer funded meals. Piss off businesses and you can say bye bye to them

  5. Most people aren’t persuaded by boycotts, and the over-the-top language turns off any mainstream, middle of the road person that may hear of it or read it. (That’s those Moderates that Jenn hates.) Bottom line, those and their ilk that are behind this list and support it are the only ones reading and following it. Jenn, Crabs, and followers continue to overplay their hand.

  6. NO NEED for boycotts!! Just today I was talking to a friend who has a girlfriend who is HARD CORE Right, and just DESPISES leftists, socialists and idiots. In conversation, when I told her that Czar koos owned often running, she was appalled, and said she would NEVER set foot in the store again, as she did NOT know he owned it.
    You’re WECOME Chris!! More space for social distancing for your leftist customers now..
    Maybe more display room??

      1. You are promoting a boycott, which to your Trump U Law Degree is illegal. Doesn’t matter which side of the fence you are on.

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