Nikita: Want to change your post now?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The head of the McLean County Democrat Party doesn’t know a boycott is illegal in Illinois.  Committing a felony is a non-issue?  Now you know why laws don’t matter in Illinois – the Democrats have been running the State for decades.  To be fair, I don’t think Connie Beard knew either or she would have mentioned it during her press conference.

nikita boycott

3 thoughts on “Nikita: Want to change your post now?

  1. Read I’m Leaving Seattle For Texas So My Employees Can Be Free by Peter Rex in the Wall Street Journal. Explains perfectly what is starting to happen here. All this behavior is national on scope. Antifa and BLM are partners joined at the hip to purposely disrupt the economy. It has also been reported that Antifa has fighters trained by ISIS for the sole purpose of taking over the country. BLM is also training armed fighters to in their words, protect their neighborhoods. These local radicals should all be investigated by the FBI. Bet the information gleaned would be shocking how deep this subversive effort goes.

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  2. 8 people in group, only ONE wearing mask, WHERE is the ‘uptown mask cop” She’d have writers cramp here by the time she got DONE. OH, I forgot they are HER kind, so the mask law don’t matter!!
    I’m REALLY kind of ASHAMED at these folks! They forgot to take the U.S. flag out of the flower pot and put in a BLM poster or some other kind of BS propaganda. Really annoying people actually, and not worth the time to print their pictures on a kleenex.


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