Lawler-What is he teaching your kids?

By:  Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Social Justice Warrior Lawler is on the Jenn train!

Unless you want your kids indoctrinated by teachers like this one, look into forming ‘pods”.  Lot of resources are available – you can deprive Unit 5 of funding by NOT sending your kids to their camps.

This guy obviously won’t care about fixing the roads, social justice warriors only care about the army they can build to defeat you.

lawler Jennlawler pic

13 thoughts on “Lawler-What is he teaching your kids?

  1. If Lawler is a teacher, it is a sad indictment of the educational system in the country . His punctuation, or lack of, is marginal at best .
    The sentences are poorly arranged and leave more than a few dangling ideas.
    He is not a justice warrior. Perhaps he imagines himself Han Solo. Playing with his wookie is his choice

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    1. I thought the same thing. Using “empathy” and “compassion” in the same sentence is redundant. Same could be said of “willful negligence” and “disregard.” Twice he begins a sentence with “And.” Hope this guy’s not an English teacher, but I suspect he is.

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    2. I’m more worried about his ideology and what he is telling the students. But you are correct in pointing out that his English skills are lacking.

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  2. What most of these up-and-coming revolutionaries have in common is that most were born and bred in or near various large urban ***”holes. Most are spawn of 1960’s and 1970’s campus troublemakers who pass their talents down to their children. They have been taught since birth that someone is always out to get them and any kind of authority in any form is bad. Poor decisions are never the fault of those making them. They know deep down they are no talents with few useful abilities and are usually rejects among their own peer groups. Therefore, they look to influence those of younger generations for both acceptance and self worth. No one takes them seriously who have useful life experiences or more important things to worry about. They are immature in mind and action and live lives accordingly.

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  3. If people in jails and prisons are testing positive, they should be quarantined, not released out into society. Very simple act of kindness for our society, keep criminals in jail.

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  4. Give us your tired, your weak and your hungry but not your stoopied. Please take these three Lawler, State Farm jeff and jenn back. Thanks to Sheriff Sandage and his fellow officers.

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