Jenn: Two things can’t be true

By:  Diane Benjamin

You may have heard that Jenn Carrillo was ticketed for illegal parking yesterday for (as she claims) trying to protect Black Lives Matter demonstrators at the County jail.

Read her shirt:  Jenn ticket

She added this later to her Facebook page:


How can the police protect protesters wanting criminals and suspects released from jail when their budgets get cut?

Pick one Jenn – Both won’t work

Carrillo’s assistant radical on the City Council and State Farm corporate lawyer chimed in on the post:

crabill hero

It appears Jenn wants the police out so she can make her own laws.

Jenn claims in the same story the Bloomington Police showed up and protected the group.  (Maybe they were really taking pics Jenn)


12 thoughts on “Jenn: Two things can’t be true

  1. Forgive my ignorance, but weren’t they doing their jobs when they ticketed her? How is one person this dense? Is she saying she had no idea it was illegal to block a roadway? Am I allowed to block the driveway to her home and call it a protest? Funny how she insists that the very entity she wants to take money away from do her bidding and her bidding alone, as if the sheriff can only listen to her and ignore the hundreds of thousands of other people in McLean County.

    Someone definitely thinks their s**t don’t stink. Get a clue, Jenn.

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  2. HOW this “woman” ever found her way to this country is beyond me, but I sure WISH she’d go back to where she came from. Maybe she can get a political movement going there from her jail cell, when the dictator throws her in and looses the key.

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  3. Their narrative promotion has one goal and one goal always; attaining power. It doesn’t have to make sense for them, it might even seem insane (defund the police) but their goal is always to gain power.

    One only has to look at Chicago, Portland, Seattle or Minneapolis to see what happens when SJWs like Jenn actually get power.

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  4. How Jeff Crabill still has a job at State Farm or anywhere else for that matter defies logic. I know the leadership pretty much has spaghetti spines except when it comes to getting rid of some of what they think is a insignificant underling. Any respecting company would never allow any employee to curse and rant like he does on public forums, be aware of it and still be employed. Either he saves them alot of money in court or by other means or he has something on someone upstairs.

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    1. Big Red is probably scared of a protest or what he’ll say about them if he’s ever canned. After all, it wouldn’t be Crabs fault, no, no, no…it will be because of “evil” capitalism. He’s not going anywhere. Sadly, he’s created his own job security.

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  5. As an elected official and organizer of the protest, Jenn didn’t Do. Her. Job. The Sherriff’s office is responsible for serving and protecting County property and those in the Law and Justice Center not directing traffic in downtown Bloomington.
    The city streets are the property of the Bloomington taxpayers. Any group wishing to close a street, for any reason, needs to contact the appropriate City department and request a permit. Had the BPD been notified of the group’s plan to block traffic, officers would have been stationed to provide that service.
    Who the hell does she think she is? Her ignorance never ceases to amaze.

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  6. One has to wonder how much longer State Farm will continue to allow craybil to continue to embarrass them. What a joke he is.

    Jenn finally found out BLUE LIVES really do MATTER! Too bad they didn’t tow or boot it!

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  7. Defund the police? Do your jobs? What Jenn really means is the police should do whatever she wants them to do. Kinda like a dictator. Based on this latest clown show, what businesses are dying to relocate Downtown? (Looks like the ol’ Mathy cafe is going out of business.) Plenty of prime retail and restaurant space Downtown with speculator views of woke protesters and more empty storefronts could be yours.

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  8. Jenn claims to be from Mexico. It is a place that the police are ineffective due to political corruption by the drug cartels either buying officials off or chopping their heads off. Both methods seem to working pretty well for the cartels but not for the people. Maybe Mexico should clean up their act and better fund the police. But wait,,,Jenn? Is that what you want (your) people to escape to? Jenn, you and Crabill are either fakes or some combination of being absolutely stupid and/or have been bought off.

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  9. OK, I’m a little old here, but that also means I do know my way around quite well, and uh, Jenn, protect them from WHAT? Seriously, it seems far more likely in today’s political climate that the general population (and maybe the police too) would need protection FROM the “protesters” before THEY would need any protection. Also, protesting comes with a little built in danger, oh I know I know it’s a right to protest but it’s also a right for people who disagree with them to razz them a bit, even counter-protest – you see it goes both ways Jenn, not just one, not just YOURS – now if the “protesters” truly stay “non violent” and maintain a reasonable measure of “peaceful” then they should not be bothered, true, but YOU Jenn do not need to self appoint as their guardian angel, they are grown folks, they should be fine even if what they are “protesting” is actually pretty ridiculous.
    Mexico is calling Jenn – they NEED you, seriously, things are bad down there, there the police often ARE the “enemy”, perhaps you should go and REALLY jump into the fire and get some serious credentials in “Social Justice” instead of acting like you are ill treated up here, and some sort of savior, you aren’t.

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