Update: Normal to codify: Laws don’t matter

The resident radical attempting to throw Karen Schmidt off the Bloomington Council will be leading the charge in Normal:


By:  Diane Benjamin

According to WGLT, Normal will consider a “Welcoming Ordinance” Monday night:    http://wglt.org/post/normal-consider-welcoming-ordinance-monday

Considering RC McBride is WGLT’s General Manager and he’s on the Normal Town Council, they would know.  It must be nice to have your own personal radio station.

Documentation for the meeting hasn’t been posted yet.  Chris Koos claims the ordinance is in line with the Town’s  Comprehensive Plan and Visioning Report.

They planned for people who can’t legally work and therefore can’t take care of themselves?  Or maybe good progressives love creating a permanent underclass and calling it compassion?

Koos thinks they have come up with a plan the police approve of and the open border radicals.  The only plan I can think is telling the Police Chief to shut up and comply.  This ordinance puts your safety at risk because all laws will become immaterial.

When the packet is posted the proposed ordinance may not be included, they might still be tweaking it.  They also might be trying to hide it.


Mad yet?









6 thoughts on “Update: Normal to codify: Laws don’t matter

  1. Isn’t it ironic that pressure groups get 6 months of direct face time with the Town and its elected officials yet lunchbucket taxpayers that insist the Town live and spend within its means are treated as social pariahs and are privately and publicly insulted? Let that synch in.

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  2. The Left loves to keep “pets”. Illegals are the current rage it seems. That, as cold as it sounds, is the bottom line. A few of the formerly loyal pets may be running away, and they need some new ones to take their place. For the left, it IS all about keeping a permanent underclass as well so they will have a large number of people who they can constantly say they are “fighting for”. It’s so transparent.

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  3. Welcoming city ordinance puts us at risk. I had a conversation with a gentleman the other day I would categorize this person as someone who would be very left leaning with his thoughts and actions. I asked him about his take on a welcoming city ordinance boy was I shocked to hear him say that he did not support it. He said that his wife a teacher was threatened to be killed by a student not just an idle threat but a serious threat. The student here from another country was deported with ICE involvement. With the welcoming city ordinance ICE would not have been allowed to be involved and the student would have remained a definite threat to the teacher. This along with the fact that illegal aliens that commit crimes will be released back among us instead of being deported because immigration officials will not be allowed in our community is reason enough to not allow a welcoming city ordinance.

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