In case Koos wants RC McBride to run for Council again:

By: Diane Benjamin

Keep in mind RC McBride is the WGLT General Manager. Media is expected to keep government in line, not be part of it. McBride is government as chairman of the Normal Planning Commission. He proves why Koos doesn’t reveal appointments in advance so the citizens have a heads up and can voice an opinion, the voters rejected him – Koos made sure he didn’t lose his mouthpiece.

Start by reviewing the first video of the Planning Commission meeting on August 1st:

They were hearing the Wintergreen subdivision case. McBride stated: “I know my colleagues understand this, I just want to be clear that…we have guardrails as a Planning Commission…we’re only really supposed to look at certain things, and honestly public opinion is not necessarily one of them.”

The opinions of the people currently living in Wintergreen were immaterial. Obviously their decision was fixed from the beginning, likely because Jason Barickman was part of the investment group wanting to increase traffic through the quiet neighborhood and build rental housing far below the quality that already exists.

Now compare those McBride thoughts on Public Opinion with how he felt in 2019 when he was running for re-election to the Council, he sounds like a different guy:

McBride had been on the Planning Commission before he landed as a Trustee.

7:39 “I always felt that on the Planning Commission…it much more free form as far as public comment. I mean it’s really one of the biggest reasons you are there, is just take that all in, and to ask good questions and to really to listen and consider and then make the recommendation…Your job is to listen.”

25:50 “This is local representative government…Our job is to listen what folks have to say…”

My personal favorite: 58:44 “This is government of the people, for the people, by the people”

McBride proved he doesn’t believe that statement when he said at the Planning Commission meeting citizens are immaterial. Koos buddies will say anything to win elections. Luckily RC lost his seat on the Council. Of course Koos couldn’t let his WGLT buddy go, so he put him back on the Planning Commission.

RC McBride should be no where near power in Normal since he runs the local NPR station. This also proves you won’t get real news from WGLT. Normal has never had “representative government”. Recent events prove Koos and his buddies will not allow citizens to have a voice in their government. Voting matters, Normal needs to start showing up for local elections!





17 thoughts on “In case Koos wants RC McBride to run for Council again:

  1. What people in Wintergreen, if not the entire town of Normal need to understand is when things get to the planning commission, it’s too late. The decisions have already been made and they’re set in stone by previous planning that is codified in city code. Remember, in Normal, “we plan our work and work our plan.” R.C. and his pals on the planning commission are working their plan. Normalites have got to pay more careful attention to the planning process where policies are being set by town staff and the city manager with little to no input from elected representatives, let alone citizens who live here. If there is any input from elected officials, it’s to rubber stamp what they’ve planned out.

    What we have to understand is the plan is not working. Just look at Uptown and the underpass. This is a planned community that’s extremely user unfriendly. You can’t even drop off a passenger at Uptown Station at the front door. You’ll be ticketed if you do. Who plans these kind of things? Why would you plan a major transportation hub and not include some type of overpass / underpass in your original plan that would benefit every form of transportation to prevent trains from blocking at least three major thoroughfares in Normal? It’s a safety hazard. But, our city planners did and the underpass, is nothing more than a testament to their poor planning.

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  2. You mention McBride and his WGLT connections often, implying WGLT has an audience and community influence now. Things must have changed since I left the retail world…….WGLT wasn’t even ON our suggested media buy list. It’s audience didn’t go much beyond ISU faculty and the like minded.

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      1. All too often those that make bad decisions for the masses go unscathed. It would be kind of nice if the elite decision makers suffered the same outcome as the rest of us…….in all regards, health, wealth, and liberty.

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  3. Okay so it’s cool for people on this blog to say they hope people who got vaccine will die because they don’t like said people. And it’s OK in the moderator’s opinion. Got it. No further clarification needed.


    1. I don’t think the intentions of this thread were to specifically wish anyone dead…….the intentions I believe were to hope those elite decision makers experience the same results of their decisions as the rest of us….good or bad. Spinning it otherwise is dishonest and decidedly blue.

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