To Parents of kids in Public Schools:

If you can’t take your children out of Public School, you have rights!

Put your child’s school on notice:

Email and present it in person!

See more at:





8 thoughts on “To Parents of kids in Public Schools:

    1. It’s not so much that they’re you’re “property” as it is that they are your RESPONSIBILITY because they are MINORS. The left is trying to erase that distinction and make them on par with adults. That will lead to disastrous consequences.


  1. Why exactly are you taking children out of public schools? Because they don’t follow you radical right wing Nationalistic Christian ideology? Evintently you want to deny civil rights of gay and trans children, lie about history and insert your religious views into the curriculum. To people like you the Golden Rule has gone out the window to teaching hate and racism.


    1. As Diane said, education, would be nice. I KNOW how DUMB yes I said DUMB most of these kids are academically. The actual word is probably ignorant because they simply do not KNOW anything, it’s not their ability to learn it’s the fact they have in most cases not been TAUGHT anything of value. Their grasp of History and Geography is practically non-existent in many cases, their reading skills are substandard at best, they can barely read an entire short paragraph at an expected grade level, their reading comprehension is even worse, and most can not write/compose even a 3 page paper at an acceptable standard even at high school level. SOME can manage to work out some useless math that most will NEVER use in real life again but they struggle to count back change or read a tape measure or figure out how to half or double a recipe, their knowledge of “science” is Bill Nye the science guy level in other words mostly utter politicized rubbish.
      NO ONE is trying to take away the “civil rights” of kids who have been prodded into having “gender issues” or other “identity issues”. Yes I know that a FEW people do struggle with “gender” identity, (I HATE that word “gender”), they always have, in pretty much all cultures throughout time but in all actuality it has always been a very LOW number until just lately which is a result of being inundated with trans propaganda pushed by by a Marxist strategy to weaken the resistance. Get a frickin’ clue, OH, and by the way I’m gay, lifelong, “out” my entire adult life, and let’s just say I qualify for medicare and all of the senior discounts. age wise so I am NOT “anti-gay or even “transphobic”.
      Also NO ONE on the right, at least not in any significant numbers, is teaching hate and racism – that’s on y’all, those on the “left”, you know the people constantly burning stuff down, looting businesses, vandalizing stuff, creating hoaxes, and stealing LOADS of money from gullible people who “support” them (BLM is fine example). Oh and don’t even mention the Steve Bannon thing, maybe try looking into some of the leftist “foundations” that take like 70%-80% or more “off the top” for “operational costs”… and yes I know I veered off the original subject but they all kind of blend together, since it is the LEFT who are constantly spreading lies.

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