Democrats need to say why abortion in Illinois is up until birth

By: Diane Benjamin

With Democrats in complete control of Illinois, they need to answer for what they did. Screeching about a women’s right to choose is only because they have nothing else to run on. Read below and then ask Sharon Chung where she stands!

Your minor child can get an abortion without you knowing:

Democrats called this women’s rights even though your child isn’t old enough to be called a women. Wonder why your 12 year old doesn’t feel well? The person who got her pregnant likely won’t be prosecuted but you don’t have the right to parent your child’s healthcare. The State of Illinois has replaced your values with theirs.

Want a Third Trimester abortion in Illinois? I bet you thought Late-Term Abortions were illegal. You are wrong. The baby is viable, but in Illinois you are allowed to kill it:

See this link, you can just have emotional issues and abort a baby right before it’s born.

Democrats need to explain why killing viable babies is okay. Democrats need to explain why a minor with no other adult rights can make a life-altering decision without parental input.

Who are the extremists?

Sharon Chung now has $744,766.59. Democrats really w2ant to buy her seat. See the latest $$$:

Is your vote for sale?




12 thoughts on “Democrats need to say why abortion in Illinois is up until birth

  1. You should publish all the local politician balances. I think Jason Barickman has about the same amount as Chung. Still wouldn’t vote for Preston.

  2. You’re now a high risk gynecologist? There are a lot of things that can and DO go wrong in late pregnancy and during delivery. Both for the mother and baby involved.

  3. Can someone explain to me why the message on the signs that these people carry is never finished they all say my body my choice but my choice for what finish your statement so that I can understand what it is you are asking for

  4. Had to turn Levine off last night when he started to explain the partial birth murder procedure. I couldn’t take it.

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