Prediction from a reader:

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you haven’t already figured it out, a LOT of what I write comes from tips.  Today I received prediction from a reader.

Connect Transit has an opening for a board member representing Normal.  Any guesses on who will be appointed?

How about RC McBride

Mayor Koos made a big point of saying at McBride’s exit party (after his defeat) that RC wasn’t going anywhere.

Mike McCurdy is the Program Director at WGLT and he is the Chairman of the Connect Transit Board.

RC McBride is the General Manager at WGLT.

It’s a perfect fit!

Of course that old diversity myth gets blown up, but that is just a pesky detail.






11 thoughts on “Prediction from a reader:

  1. I’d be surprised if you aren’t right, but there IS that “diversity” thing, of course diversity really means we all think alike even if we look different so in that way he will be perfect.

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  2. RC Goebbels can still serve Fuhrer Koos no matter where he is officially placed in the Reich. Diversity doesn’t matter or apply to the Reich Ministers of Fuhrer Koos. RC Goebbels is propaganda minister, a job that is of supreme importance to the Reich and it’s control of the population. Remember the truth is the greatest enemy of the state!

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  3. No way. Transit is beneath McBride. After all isn’t he McDirty’s boss at WGLT. Are they that stupid? Are we that stupid to let it happen?


    1. I would expect so – ISU students and staff ride ‘free’ based on a monthly fixed fee paid by ISU.


  4. Leftist NEVER, EVER admit defeat! RC…….Hillary……Beto……”Third Times a Charm” Joe Biden.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if they would just lose and go away?

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