How much debt is Decatur in?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Follow-up to this story:

How much does a pretty downtown cost?

I find it hilarious that RC McBride is running radio ads asking for your vote claiming they have paid off $10 million of debt.

They may have, but he doesn’t mention how much debt they still have left to pay.  Worse,  they are still handing money to developers.  We know a year ago they still had $88 million to go!  Comptroller – Normal’s Debt

Decatur is FAR worse! These numbers are from 12/31/2017, we won’t know 12/31/18 debt until they decide to release it.

Comptroller – Decatur’s Debt

The Comptroller’s site claims this one will be paid off in 19 years.


This one will be paid off in 18 years.

decatur debt2

Of course these numbers don’t included the massive interest costs!


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