Letter to the Editor #2

I asked WGLT to include me on their candidate page and got zero response.  No big surprise there. WGLT Voter Guide 2019
But in looking over the other Normal Town Council candidates’ responses I found something very interesting…
If you start at the top and click on RC, it contains his answers to a list of questions WGLT submitted to the candidates, followed by mentions of the other candidates and a links back to the main list.  Those mentions notably Do Not include Stand Nord or Karyn Smith.
If you’re a typical voter seeking information on all candidates, you’ll start at the top of the list and click RC, read through to the end and see Dave Shields and ‘all’ the other candidates with links back to the main list.  Dave was the first mention and is second list.  Okay, so if I just look for whomever is at the bottom of the candidate I just read, that’s who I need to read next, and I get through the list.  A lot of people aren’t OCD enough to make sure they go through and hit the first on the list, followed by the second one, followed by the third then the fourth and so on down the main list when the site itself seems to take care of that for you.
But if you do that, you will never read about Stan Nord or Karyn Smith, or of course Karl Sila, whom they ignore completely.  They are not included in Any of the candidate lists at the bottom of others’ Q&A pages, even each other’s.
This cannot be an ‘accidental oversight’.  RC’s page has 5 other candidates.  Dave is second on the list and his page mentions 4 others.  This sets the use up to think they’re seeing a diminishing list of all candidates.  Pat is the first one mentioned on Dave’s page, and she has three other candidatures mentioned at the bottom of her page.  The first of those is Kathleen, who has Alex and Joel at the bottom.  Then Alex’s page only shows Joel in its mention of other candidates.  And ‘lastly’ Joel’s page has mentions of Bloomington candidates at the bottom.
This is clearly Not a mistake or an oversight.  The candidates are not in the order of the main page.  The number of other candidates mentioned is not a fixed number, it is a declining number to match a user going through their guided list.  A list purposely designed to seem comprehensive while excluding the candidates that most oppose the status quo.
The earlier BLNNews article about of WGLT voter manipulation could be argued to just be their journalistic laziness or a policy decision to actively exclude write-in candidates, but this is clearly intentional.  WGLT is undeniably ‘fake news’ and ‘an enemy of the people’, purposely steering voters away from what seems to be the most popular candidate, Stan Nord, and his closest ally on the ballot, Karyn Smith.
I know this has been mentioned before, but everyone needs to spread the word directly to whomever you know, as the usual media outlets are not trustworthy.
Karl Sila
Write-In candidate

7 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor #2

  1. It is unethical and manipulative conduct like this from 2 McLean County “institutions” that should remind every Conservative that we are AT WAR with these people! They absolutely want to destroy us. If we temper our reciprocal hostility, they win by default. I’m tired of losing! Fight back!!

  2. If the Feds are truly finished with Russians, maybe they should begin going local.
    Why isn’t the Illinois AG concerned about some of these activities.
    Almost everything stinks to the high heavens from townships to Washington.

  3. Transparency Tari! Korrupt Koos, Malicious McBride.. Hard to believe that WGLT, our ONLY locally owned radio station would pull this kind of BS? Oh, I forget, they have gotten so liberal that AOC is their poster child..
    It’s actually FUNNY to listen to them in the a.m. COMPLAIN about Pelosi and such being TOO CONSERVATIVE! Funny stuff..

  4. Apparently WGLT didn’t like getting called out on their hidden agenda – all profiles now list all other candidates at the bottom, and they’re in ballot order rather than WGLT-preference order.

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