Turnout very low and more

By:  Diane Benjamin

If 10% of voters in Bloomington bother to vote I will be surprised!  Turnout is making elections a waste of time.

I voted this morning.  Eight races were listed – only one had a choice.  I leave uncontested races blank since my vote doesn’t matter anyway.  Yes, we will end up losing the right to vote because nobody cares and it is a waste of money.

Destroyed from Within

Want to know who Koos and company are afraid of in Normal?

The horses in the St Patrick’s Day parade weren’t with Stan!  Facts Mayor?

koos afraid
RC is obviously worried since he’s taking cheap shots at Stan!  Has he ever said why a member of the media (who is supposedly a watchdog for citizens) thinks he should be a Trustee?
normal afraid

Cheryl Gaines thought she could waltz her way into a government job when she left the Town Council.  She got rejected by voters!  Maybe because she is clueless as evidenced by these comments:


Hey Cheryl: 

Where does Stan tear down other candidates?  https://nordfornormal.com/images/75970/Did_You_Know_Mailer.pdf

Where are his “facts” wrong?

Answer:  They aren’t!

Koosville just doesn’t like people pointing them out!

If you value the Republic,

get out and vote!



19 thoughts on “Turnout very low and more

  1. Koos, McBride, and Gains are feeling the heat. They all have the same talking points about Stan being a “liar” and passing around “mistruths”. These digs are designed to draw out their base of voters. Hopefully, plastering these low blow social media posts on Facebook and other pages will draw out the middle of the road voter, basically, folks that have had it with King Koos and the establishment. Ironically, the three stooges don’t seem to specify how or what Stan is lying about or how his vision is not the proper course for Normal.


  2. Do you think the establishment is just a little nervous? They’re all going Jeff Fritzen on us. Maybe Koos will call a press conference after the election. Or, better yet Jeff can have a final round before he leaves.

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  3. The Koos comment about the horse manure is really over the top. The city and the Irish community sponsored the parade and street clean up is the responsibility of the city street department. So, Mayor Koos I think that falls back to you. To say nothing of the fact that Stan Nord didn’t have horses in the parade.

    As for RC McBride, I predict he’s coming off the Council tonight and getting replaced by his friend Dave Shields who will be sitting next to Stan Nord.


  4. Hey Koos – I have to wash your verbal manure out of my brain every time I read what you waste my tax dollars on! Even you should be able to understand that your uppitytown TIFs steal money from the school district that taxpayers have to make up for.

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  5. Cheryl isn’t all wrong – our local politics do look more and more like state and national – Blatantly biased media, entrenched politicians spewing lies with no push-back, corrupt back room deals, taxpayers being ignored except when they’re being called greedy for not wanting All their money spent stupidly, and regular citizens finally waking up and saying “Enough!” That’s how Trump got elected and that’s how Nord is being elected. I just hope he doesn’t end up being the only voice of reason on the council.
    And her comment about candidates not running on their platforms is misleading – It implies that each candidate has to have an agenda of how they plan to waste the taxpayers’ money. *Not* wasting taxpayers’ money not only *is* a platform, it’s the *best* platform!

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  6. From what I understand and have heard, those in the Uptown Admin all got a good laugh when they saw the Mayor’s post. But none of them are going to be laughing tonight if Nord or Smith get on the council. They are all quite scared of the idea of Nord sitting up there. Admin staff are flustered at even the thought of Nord being a key decision maker. They know that he will challenge them on their “plans” and that they may see their dream bike plan or Uptown plan be thrown out.

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  7. Is Koos talking about that diesel guzzling BMW he drives? Hey there Mr. Koos just drive it over to Taxin’ Tari’s house and back, all those potholes ya’ all ignore will shake that horse sh*t off.

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  8. I noticed how they are trying to smear Nord with the water bill. I instructed my friend in Normal to vote for the conservative 3 (including the write in).


  9. That’s a WONDERFUL photo of Koos! Kind of reminds me of “Simon Bar Sinister from the old cartoons.. As for his “manure perturbations” I would think that HE being a “Master of Manure” would quite rightly feel at home..
    And R.C. is visual rape REALLY becoming to someone who wants US to vote for you? Next time just hire an airplane to fly around with a banner behind it.. OR maybe some sidewalk chalk signs.. I’m SURE that if you did it UPTOWN, it would be seen by the multitudes of your supporters…


  10. Well, well, well, looks like Nord is in McBride is out! Yahoo! And hopefully K. SMith will be a thorn in Koos’s side as well. Yahoo! More grimacing faces from Koos is on the way. LMAO!!!


  11. leave it to Koos to slam and ridicule a taxpayer (nord) and a small businessman. i am offended just by reading this and it was not even about me. how very mayoral Koos sounds trashing someone who pays his salary,healthcare, pension . i demand koos apologize to nord and the citizens of normal he offended by such a crass remark. just goes to show how low koos will go .


      1. Mayor Koos wrote that right after the parade. He was in shock by Nord overpowering everyone and everything else in the parade. Should have seen him watch the big John Deere Green tractor navigate Koos Circle in Uptown. This was the beginning of Koos’ meltdown, when he first started to realize that he was in trouble. There’s a coalition of people against him. Look for more meltdowns to come. We saw it last night with R.C’s Trump Derangement Syndrome. Do you think there were Russian operatives in Normal?

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