Going for Uninformed Voters?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Two candidates in Normal have been busy putting up signs by polling places.  The only reason to do this is to try to catch a few extra votes from uniformed voters.  I do know if the signs have been placed illegally, they are being taken down.

I saw the same thing in Mike Madigan’s precinct!

The two candidates are Kathleen Lorenz and Joel Studebaker:



5 thoughts on “Going for Uninformed Voters?

  1. I’m really hoping for the best tonight, Diane. I went to the council meeting last night, first one in a long time. I saw Dave Shields sitting there smirking as Nord was up speaking. Nord went up there last night not as a candidate, but as a citizen with a legitimate concern. And all Dave could do was smirk. Normal really doesn’t need that on the council.

    I’ve been out taping up signs anywhere I can. I’ve tried to post daily on social media to spread the word. I just hope it somewhat helped. We’re one election away from increased unnecessary spending, tax increases, sanctuary city status, and gun control.

  2. Shields better get cozy with Stan. I predict that Stan will be sitting in Fritzen’s seat and Dave Shields will be sitting in RC’s seat. Right next to each other!

  3. Missed seeing these signs today, but the voter turnout seemed to be good. Let’s hope that at least two of the current council gets unseated and maybe even three would be better.

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