Next Lawsuit: ISU

See update here:

By:  Diane Benjamin

I filed the following Freedom of Information request with ISU – their answer is included.


They included the obligatory you have to right to contact the Attorney General . .  .:


Since we all know asking Lisa Madigan to do her job is a complete waste of time, court is the only option.

Back to the beginning:

RC McBride became the permanent General Manager of WGLT as of 1/1/17.  He had been the interim GM.

This is a summary of ISU hiring policies:

Illinois State University is required to include an equal opportunity employment tagline in all job postings, advertisements, calls for application, vacancy notices, etc. Below, please find the minimum required tagline which MUST be included in all job postings, advertisements, calls for application, vacancy notices, etc. Hiring authorities may, at their option, choose to use one of the alternative taglines instead.

ISU admitted in their response to my FOIA request that no National Search had been done, in other words – the job opening was not posted.  Of course I knew that when the FOIA was filed, or I wouldn’t have filed it.  It’s always easier to know if I’m being told the truth when I already know what the truth is.

But, ISU denied my request for the waiver.  The only way to legally hire at ISU without posting a job is with a waiver.  The WAIVER is a public document required to support why a job wasn’t posted.  Saying it is exempt from FOIA is beyond ludicrous!

The acceptable reasons for a waiver and the actual form can be seen HERE

The hiring of McBride doesn’t fit any of the reasons for not posting the job.

The Waiver is described as follows:  Page 4


So, what were the exceptional circumstances?  Anyone?  Anyone?

See this note from the ISU website:

mcbrideisuWGLT is not 100% grant funded and McBride’s salary isn’t paid from a grant – so it appears President Dietz had to approve hiring McBride!

We do know:

  • the job wasn’t posted
  • a waiver probably doesn’t exist
  • It looks like President Dietz was required to approve the hiring

I sent ISU this email yesterday at 4:49pm:

emailisuAs of NOW, they have not responded.

I wonder if they would prefer explain to me, a judge, or both of us how McBride’s hiring was legal.

I’ve heard stories for years about Veterans being unable to even get an interview with ISU.  Rumor is you have to know somebody to get a job there.  It’s hard to dispute since it looks like that’s how McBride got his job.

WGLT Salaries:





10 thoughts on “Next Lawsuit: ISU

  1. So rules, regulations and laws not only do not apply to the mayor and city government nor do they apply to state universities.


    1. Jimmy, no, rules, regulations, and laws are only made by these people, they are not required to follow them. Only the little people are required to follow them. There was some story written a few thousand years ago about this. I think it was a radical Jew who said something about Pharisees and teachers of the law tying burdens to the backs of people.


  2. Funny. You ask Lisa Madigan to do her job, but you don’t even do yours. The salaries are already publicly available, yet it’s better for your fake news page to grandstand with a FOIA and let someone else do your work for you. #sad #lazy


    1. Rob…interesting response. What is your job? I’m pretty sure Diane does not get paid, so this is not her job and ISU has plenty of overpaid fluff staff who have plenty of time to provide this misleading information. I say misleading because I know of at least one person employed by WGLT who is not on the list. How many others are there? Perhaps GLT has a mole??? Perhaps someone at ISU has something to hide? If I gambled I would bet on Diane. She is going to figure this out. I would almost guess that some federal laws are being broken at Illinois State University. So Rob, you disgusting human being, you better get to work because I am guessing you have stuff to cover up.


  3. Diane, how much does it cost to file a lawsuit? All in, what is the cost for you to find the truth in McLean County? How much is it costing the tax payers to be given the spin. We’ve got a FOIA officer and a General Council who have skin in the game and are being paid to hide the truth about illegal activity. I think a fundraiser might be in order. I am really struggling to understand how it is that RC is paid by the State of Illinois (General Revenue is state appropriated funds and student tuition payments), sits on the Normal Town Council, and manages to not only report but oversee unbiased news. People tend to not say negative things about their employer who oversees their personal financial security. Telling the truth about ISU or the Town of Normal from a purported local news source when the person who manages that source is being bought and paid for by said entities seems wrong on so many levels. It gives the appearance of someone who is self-serving, rather than serving the people in the community for which they have been elected to serve. I took the Ethics test several times while I worked at Illinois State University. I am confident there are some laws in the State of Illinois about Ethics that have been violated and that there have been some violations in the hiring of RC McBride to WGLT and perhaps in his campaign for Town Council. Lines have been crossed and if ISU did not break laws they would give you the Waiver and the rationale for his hire. To be fair I don’t know RC, met him at Rosie’s Pub several years ago. I don’t need a crystal ball to see how this is going to play out. Let the spinning begin.


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