Bloomington found the whole video!

By:  Diane Benjamin

This morning the archived video of last night Council meeting was still missing the first 35 minutes.  At some point today the entire video was located!

So who screwed up?

(you will never know)

One Public Comment you don’t want to miss is a dad who has coached his kid’s soccer team for 6 years.  He demands to know what Bloomington is going to do about them losing the fields at the airport!  Who brainwashed all the kids and parents into believing government was going to buy them a new field?

Keep that in mind when you vote in the February primary and April elections.  Which candidates are going to force you to pay when they had YEARS to raise the money themselves?

Lots of other good Public Comment and the lady Jim Fruin wants to ban for political speech.

Below is the video of Tari’s State of the City speech.  I’ve added some commentary – every campaign commercial needs some:

This is the entire meeting with all of the Public Comment:



10 thoughts on “Bloomington found the whole video!

  1. Is he delusional? This guy thinks he is living in a bed of roses but in reality it is a pile of crap. It is the same spiel he gave on the local news tonight except it was condensed.

    By the way does he wear dentures? The way he slurs and at times do not understand what he is saying. He sounds like Sean Connery with bad dentures.


  2. I sure hope Cecilia Tuchardt’s write in candidacy for mayor gains some traction and she becomes a real thorn in Tari’s flesh. I find her hysterical and usually I have a hard time disagreeing with what she says in public comment. Maybe that explains why alderman Fruin and others don’t want to hear from her.


  3. Give that soccer dad the Rivian Automotive’s email. They want to be involved in the community so there is community service #1


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