Normal’s Rental Properties

By:  Diane Benjamin

I filed a FOIA with the Town of Normal after learning they paid more than $7000 a year in property taxes on the property leased to Dan Brady for $1 a year.

What I received appears to be missing some information, but below is what I have figured out so far.  It doesn’t seem to matter if some properties are leased – sometimes property taxes are paid, sometimes they aren’t..

3 Cell Towers:  PINS 14-21-351-012, 14-32-280-018, 14-28-283-003

The Town is paying  $1204.18, $1059.66, $1059.66 respectively in property taxes.  I haven’t found anything about how much rent is paid, I’ve asked for clarification.

The POD 100-104 E Beaufort PIN 14-28-435-026

The Town pays property taxes of $2943.38 and collects $875 a month in rent

Ohmfit Activewear 102 W North Street – directly east of Dan Brady’s office

The County shows the property Exempt PIN 14-28-430-015.  Rent is $180 a month, town pays all Utilities

Subway – Uptown station

Town pays property taxes of $884.18 PIN #14-28-436-030. Rent for years 1-2 was 10% of gross or $1000 a mth, years 3-4 is $1200 a mth, year 5 is $1400.  The lease expires is 2017.

Amtrak PIN #14-28-404-001

County shows Exempt.  The lease provides free parking for Amtrak employees, Amtrak pays the Town for Utilities.  Amtrak pays $1 in rent for the Term – which appears to be 35 years.

Marriott Conference Center PIN 14-28-427-018

County shows Exempt.

Wild Country 201 – 203 S Linden PIN 14-28-438-007

ZERO Rent!  Town pays $10,011.70 in Real Estate Taxes.  Lessee pays 1/12 of the Property Taxes to the Town per month.

209 S Linden PIN 14-28-438-014

County shows Exempt – it might be a parking lot

All of these properties were listed as ones receiving Rental Income.

More investigation is needed, below are the two PDF files I received:

town-property-info-part-2-2       town-property-info-part-1-3


7 thoughts on “Normal’s Rental Properties

  1. This information is absolutely incredible! The Town is using taxpayer money to pay taxes! How can the Marriott be exempt? Of course, to get the Marriott the Town paid for the land cost, parking garage cost and conference center cost. $30m is the figure I heard.


  2. Guess UPTOWN didn’t learn much from their “sweet deal” with MMMA from years back.
    MAYBE by the time Portillos goes broke they’ll figure it out???


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