$2.6 Million isn’t enough

By: Diane Benjamin

At last night’s City Council meeting some aldermen were upset by a Public Comment where the person evidently tried to campaign or something.  Alderman Fruin wants rules against it.

No, you can’t see the comment in question.

Meanwhile, Mayor Tari Renner evidently gave a campaign speech and called it the State of the City address.

No, you can’t see that either, but that didn’t upset the aldermen.

The IT Department, who should be responsible for starting the Live Stream and video archive recording missed the first 35 minutes of the meeting.

$2,630,944 isn’t enough obviously.

Source: Page 170


Government under Tari Renner has grown at an unsustainable pace.  When government grows rapidly, things fall through the cracks because nobody knows whose job it is.

Thankfully, only the people in the room last night saw Tari claim everything is great.


  • Council history has been erased because packets from 2011 and previous are no longer available on the website
  • Financial statements from close to a year ago are still a secret
  • How much the Coliseum lost last year is still a secret
  • Recent Coliseum event summaries are a secret
  • Tax receipts are a secret
  • Tari’s claims to transparency are now a joke

Since the public can’t see the comment Fruin objected to, NOTHING should be done to change the Public Comment policy.  If Renner is allowed to campaign at meetings, the public should too.

Besides, Public Comment is only 3 minutes per person.  The law doesn’t say the topics can be regulated.

Since almost everybody missed Tari’s speech, I wonder if he will tape an encore?

Here’s what he should say:

In the last four years we have planned, planned, and planned some more.  We hired the best consultants possible to help with the plans.

Every department has a Master Plan that will only be enacted if I’m reelected.

Meanwhile, we accomplished very little because the plans weren’t done until now.  We are now ready to spend $400,000,000 to create Utopia!

It will be great!  (If anybody is left in Bloomington to pay the debt)





9 thoughts on “$2.6 Million isn’t enough

  1. If this happened, “The IT Department, who should be responsible for starting the Live Stream and video archive recording missed the first 35 minutes of the meeting.”, why can we not at least get the written minuets? Eventually?

  2. GLT played an audio clip this morning from the state of the city address. The audio quality was terrible (not surprising since the acoustics in that room are bad), so they may have made their own recording.

  3. I heard the WGLT “blurb” also, I believe that Tari is possibly more delusional then Hitler was when Americans were crossing the Rhine.
    Everything is OK!! Our streets are fine, the WHOLE COUNTRY should be run like B/N??

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