New Library?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Anybody find it amusing that both Bloomington and Normal suddenly need new libraries?  Book stores are closing, some libraries have gone digital, but TWO small cities side by side need new libraries.

Maybe it has nothing to do with books.


This pic is from Normal – but it’s the reason Bloomington wants to build too.

More socializing

More Quality of Life

More entertaining you



All the library programs for kids are free or really cheap – until they want to build bigger and better to provide more free and cheap.

The below are from the documentation for tonight’s presentation:

l1Of course more people will come for free and cheap.

Then they got silly:


And sillier:

You are supposed to look at the right side, not the left.

The new library has nothing to do with books – it’s about staying relevant and keeping their jobs.
Expansion would be easy to justify if they were a private corporation needing to evolve to stay in business – and using their own money.   But this is government spending your money to fill needs they are creating by offering free and cheap entertainment.

Who you elect matters.

Elect the wrong people or don’t vote and you will get a new library complex, which means a new Public Works Building, which means replacing City Hall.

But you will still drive on crappy roads because it will take decades to fix them all.

At least that’s what the wrong people to elect claim.





10 thoughts on “New Library?

  1. Libraries are obsolete. No need to build any additions. As someone who years ago spent many many hours in libraries, I can’t think of a single reason why I would need to go there now? Look at what has happened to the bookstores! Barnes and Noble looks like it is busing in old people from the nursing homes. Who buys paper books? Old people and the technologically impaired. Adding on to any library at this point is a silly waste of money.

    1. What Mr. Butts doesn’t understand about libraries would fill very thick books for a very large library.

        1. Rob… you are back.. cool.. this time you are an authority on libraries? Very cool! Please tell me one thing that I don’t know about libraries that you know? You did just say, “What Mr. Butts doesn’t understand about libraries would fill very thick books for a very large library.” So tell me and everyone else here one thing I don’t understand about libraries? In addition, I am still waiting for you to provide an example journalism from WGLT. I know you are busy but its been a quite a few days now and everyone is still waiting for you to respond.

  2. The proposed plans include several buildings that have nothing to do with the library. The open space and retention pond will need to be tended by Parks and Rec. The City has already purchased land that will be “donated” to the Library. The Library Director should have requested a much larger property tax increase to pay for this expansion. That would have gotten everyone’s attention. It would also have been political suicide.

  3. An article in ORLANDO SENTINEL today is about a small town librarian who “created” patrons (sounds like Wells Fargo or Facebook) in order to support retention of volumes of books and retain library staff. It would be interesting to reconcile the library card holders against current residents of Bloomington.

    1. The new director of the library has instituted a reach-out program with District 87. All students have been given library cards this school year.

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