Why Bloomington is expanding the library

By:  Diane Benjamin

Traffic at Bloomington’s library continues to decline, yet plans to expand continue.  Why?

The answer can be found in NORMAL’s Master plan for Uptown:


If you haven’t read Normal’s new plan, here’s a link:  Uptown 2.0 Plan  (It downloads a PDF instead of linking you to a webpage)

The document is the plan for government control of where you live, shop, walk, bike, drive, – just say every aspect of your life.

It’s every bureaucrats dream for complete dominance.  It isn’t about making your life better, it’s about making you conform to what government wants your life to be.

Wait until the citizens of Normal get the bill.

21st Century means digital technology.  It takes up far less space than books.  School kids rarely have textbooks anymore under Common Core (what are your kids learning?), they certainly won’t be visiting libraries to read.

Government, to remain relevant and take your tax dollars, will be creating more Quality of Life for you.  It comes with even more bureaucrats and pensions.

Economic development now means government jobs.

Page 72 of Normal’s plan has an ominous warning to anybody still believing in America exceptionalism and individual rights:

internationalINTERNATIONAL standards are now the norm, they are all over the Normal plan.  We must conform to the rest of world, not chart our own course or lead through innovation.

What are your kids being taught?

Hint:  American exceptionalism isn’t.




6 thoughts on “Why Bloomington is expanding the library

  1. Social hub for the community!?! Is there going to be a workout space and a juice bar? What will happen to being acutely aware of others in your surroundings because of the need for quiet in the library? Will sound proof rooms be installed forcing readers into cubicles? Technology is a wonderful tool but stifles true human interaction.

    Typing on computers has created an entire generation of students who haven’t learned to write or read cursive script. Because of that, there is a vast number of historical documents they will be unable to read whether in a traditional book or a digital one.

    1. These people do not want readers or thinkers in their space. Forget that. They want people they can control via their endless progressive propaganda.

  2. International standards are meant to destroy the independent, critical thinker. It’s a Unitied Nations plan to destroy the culture and therefore the sovereignty of the USA once admired by the people of the world.

  3. Will the fire station, soccer field and recreation center be in there also? HOW the heck is a person SUPPOSED to READ with all that other stuff carrying on?? Libraries have been storehouses of INFORMATION since Alexandria, and now UPTOWN is gonna tell US that 2000+ years of history has been WRONG? Who the knucklehead? SOMEONE there NEEDS a brain scan AND their library card taken away! I DON’T know WHERE they are getting these consultants, but the GREAT cities of Europe have “classic” Libraries and Museums. Where’s the one in UPTOWN?? Where’s THEIR “Nitrogen environment rare book room”?? And DON’T say Milner! IF it wasn’t for I.S.U., UPTOWN wouldn’t even be a stage stop on the pony express!

    1. Wait! Monday night the library is presenting their annual report. People do come for FREE programs, they forget their taxes are going up to pay for their free stuff.

  4. If they must use the money they steal from me AND have a social and cultural hub, can’t they just build a great mead hall?

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