Send Koos and Renner thank you cards!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Chris Koos had years to destroy the citizens of Normal with higher taxes.  Evidently they enjoy it since nobody fights back.

Renner has had only a few years, but he’s making up for it by raising taxes wherever and whenever possible.  Your property taxes went up without a peep Monday night.

Send Heartland and the County thank you cards too.  Both of them joined the action – why not?  It’s so easy to do, just vote and hope nobody notices or remembers.

Next send Jeers to the Pantagraph for not reporting what the Peoria Journal Star did today:

Peoria property taxes among highest in state

Read on:

Peoria and Bloomington area homeowners are in the top quarter of property tax payers in Illinois, according to a new report issued Thursday by the Illinois Policy Institute, a Chicago-based nonpartisan research and education organization.


This is the Illinois Policy Institute report the story refers too:

If you like being taxed to death, stay home again for the next local election.  Renner and crew will gladly charge you more for the privilege of living in Bloomington.

Meanwhile, both towns can fire all their economic development people.  Businesses just ran from Bloomington-Normal in horror!





3 thoughts on “Send Koos and Renner thank you cards!

  1. The only people in Bloomington who get tax breaks are developers–those who have a special relationship with the Mayor and City.


  2. It’s time get rid of the big spender…..

    Good job Peoria Journal in reporting what Tass, Oops the Pantagraph won’t report but the again they have a white elephant they want to sell (current building) and they have a Patsy named Tari.

    To Tari Renner…saving the taxpayer cents
    well that just makes no sense….


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