UPDATE Court today!

February 5th is the hearing date – all day.

The City is going to claim CIAM does not perform a government function.  They will also claim it would hurt them competitively if concession information is released.   (No comment yet)

They are calling witnesses, so I am too.  Stay tuned.


By:  Diane Benjamin

I have a hearing this afternoon for my lawsuit against the City of Bloomington.

The City will NOT be filing a motion to dismiss (they changed their mind) – the hearing is to set a date for trial.

If you attended Tari’s open house and got the idea the City was suing Coliseum Management – he owes you an apology.  I am suing the City, CIAM is a subcontractor with the documents I want.  The City isn’t suing anybody involved with the Coliseum.

When I win, the City will be forced to get the documents from CIAM.

No lawsuit necessary.

Just say:  “No documents – you are fired”.



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