You are being robbed!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Connect Transit would make a great comedy sketch if it wasn’t so tragic for future generations.

There would not be huge buses on the streets of Bloomington-Normal without Federal and State grants, and money from local government.  It’s your tax dollars and money borrowed from other countries or printed by the Federal Reserve.

Your descendants will be taxed to death to pay for the massive debt and unfunded liabilities created by all levels of government.

Just one small part of the problem:

In October 2015 Connect Transit had Revenue of  $139,309.25

In October 2015 Connect Transit had Expenses of $823,856.03

For ONE month, you subsidized local bus service for $687,546.78

Just since July 2015, you subsidized local bus service for $2,858,711.38

Maybe McLean County really does need more mental health care!

Here’s the people in need of immediate in-patient care:

Maybe a better idea is re-education camps concentrating on individual rights and responsibilities.

Or, maybe it’s time to admit the great American experiment is over.  Elected officials ignore the citizens, redistribute your wealth to buy votes, and accumulate debt that can never be repaid.

Carry on, nothing to see here. 

Page 7 – November 24, 2015 Packet:






14 thoughts on “You are being robbed!

  1. Holy Crap Batman! It’s really no wonder however noting the mostly empty buses cruising around town. Wonder how much we were losing were fuel price were double?

      1. It really doesn’t matter if the buses are full or not. Expenses for CT are greater then revenue–all subsidized by taxpayers. Diesel fuel causes more toxic emissions than ordinary gasoline. There goes the argument that riding buses are better for the environment. The only argument to have public transportation here is to offer affordable transportation for those who can’t drive.

        1. Since public transportation is heavily subsidized, those people never have to look for alternatives. Our money is stolen and their self esteem in taking care of themselves without government is eliminated. Just as planned.

  2. Leftist hate the freedom and liberty associated with private transportation. Therefor, they will promote stinky, dangerous, offensive public transportation schemes, even if they bankrupt the taxpayer. Actually, to them, bankrupting the taxpayer is a desired goal, because they also believe all wealth belongs to the government, anyway.

  3. I could NEVER figure out WHY they don’t use SMALLER buses, like the retirement centers, State Farm and such! They have NUMEROUS advantages-FUEL efficiency, more maneuverable, lower maintenance, more rider COMFORT and not as much of a “rolling roadblock” to other traffic, not to mention COST! I must admit though, I don’t think you have to even walk a block anymore to catch a bus, now that I see all those ‘spiffy” NEW Connect Transit signs ALL OVER TOWN. Heck, a while back in Wichita, I had to catch a bus (to get to my car in the shop) and I bet I walked a mile to the nearest bus stop. Just my little part to FIGHT OBESITY and be sustainable!! You DON’T need no bicycle!!

  4. Well, in DEFENSE of some of the folks who ride the bus, I know one who is “subject” to seizures, so can’t get a license-for safety reasons, and some who just can’t afford a car, and another who has a “phobia” of just about everything and has NEVER driven, and IS a professional person. But yes, there are some who just want “the free ride” PLUS they can use the WIFI now with their Gov’t issued phone. Next, we ought to give them new “jumpers” so they can run faster when they’re LATE for the bus. And maybe I’d ride it if they gave out free popcorn or chicken wings!!

  5. This is nothing compared to how badly the national level Republicans sold us out in the new budget deal. Why even have a Republican party? Could the Democrats be any worse than the Repubs? I don’t see how.

  6. Catchy clever headline, sorry for the pitiful paranoid attitude and attempt to distort and distract from the great asset CT is to BN.

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