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Merry Christmas to BlnNews readers.

I ask , no plead with you, when you are with your family and friends celebrating the birth of our Savior – please discuss where we are in Bloomington. How are continued increased fees, taxes, and council members who ignore the citizens who put them in office working?  How about the bought and paid for media?

We need people willing to take a stand and run for council next election. I realize that at times, (ok  a lot) I come across harshly. My only excuse is, as a veteran Army nurse during the Vietnam conflict, I saw the sacrifices our heroes made for  Americas future. Now as Thomas Payne stated in the American Crisis (1776 Dec. 13) – “These are the times that try men’s soul……”.   I am on a fixed income and am scared for my city and nation.

We need citizens who will move out of their comfort zone, as I did, and are current or retired military members to run for the council seats.

In the meantime, I will be out front of city hall reading the words of the founding fathers. I really pray that you find and read them too.

Discover that America is not a nation but AN IDEA and CONCEPT of freedom, liberty and personal responsibility.

It is being lost.

April Huber




6 thoughts on “Guest Editorial

  1. Thank you April for your well said comment and your service to this country. You are right–there is a NEED for other people who have the courage SERVE and represent the citizens rather than special interests.

  2. Keep up the good fight April. Even if you are outside with no one beside you at city hall remember you are not alone.

  3. WELL PUT! and THANK YOU for serving our country! And it’s NOT just OUR countries “founding documents” Those of MANY nations state the same things, and when they are NOT followed by the “Rulers/kings/monarchs, etc” We get history like, Guy Faulks night, Bastille Day or the Velvet Revolution!

  4. Diane: Better read about the Velvet Revolution and SEE what BRANCHES of government they have, SAME as the U.S. Has been since the Revolution. Vaclav Hamel was their 1 democratically elected president!

    1. That was in 1989 – we’ve existed a LOT longer. It’s not surprising other countries tried to do what we did, it’s also not surprising when they fail. Freedom has never been free, we used to talk about and fight for it.

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