Connect Transit: $160 per hour

By: Diane Benjamin I could write the same story as every other month. Expenses for October were over $1,1 MILLION, Income was a little less than $59,000, meaning a loss for ONE MONTH of $973,317. No big deal since government keeps throwing them millions of dollars to them to run empty buses. Of course […]

I predict Connect Transit will choose City Hall

By:  Diane Benjamin One more thing from Monday’s Bloomington Council meeting – see 2:45, Tim Gleason’s COVID comments. The City will be implementing a Customer Service Hub at what Gleason calls the Arena, most call it the Coliseum.  He claims it will be a one stop shop for citizens.  All of these departments will be […]

Anybody smell a setup?

By:  Diane Benjamin At least the walk will be shorter for Pantagraph reporters if Bloomington City Hall moves some of their offices to the Government Center.  Of course we had to find out from the paper: You have to read down to find out Connect Transit may chose the old City Hall building for […]

Hawaiian Christmas?

By:  Diane Benjamin The Library is going to be closed on December 24th, 25th, 31st and January 1st.  That is twice the time off the Post Office gets.           This pic below is from inside Bloomington City Hall.  Evidently the over-taxes citizens aren’t the only ones dreaming of leaving Illinois. […]

New Library?

By:  Diane Benjamin Anybody find it amusing that both Bloomington and Normal suddenly need new libraries?  Book stores are closing, some libraries have gone digital, but TWO small cities side by side need new libraries. Maybe it has nothing to do with books. Source: This pic is from Normal – but it’s the reason […]