Tari: Did City Hall move?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Two days ago Renner was on WJBC with Scott Laughlin.  He gave the address for City Hall so citizens could send their health insurance plan summary sheet to him.

I have to credit a reader for catching this, I didn’t.  I was shocked Tari took Alderman Fruin’s suggestion to ask for the sheets on live radio and also Tari saying to “mail” the page instead of email.

Laughlin asked Tari where citizens should send it. Keep in mind that Tari has been Mayor for 3 1/2 years.  Tari said:

104 E. Front

Fast forward to 12:40 in the interview below.

City Hall is at:

109 E. Olive

Scott Laughlin didn’t catch it either.

Google and the County Assessor’s office say 104 E. Front doesn’t exist.

106 E. Front does:

Rosie’s Pub.

Is that where you want to be contacted in the future Tari?

Or, were you trying to make sure mail is “Return To Sender”?






2 thoughts on “Tari: Did City Hall move?

  1. Rosie’s Pub? Why not make it the new City Hall? Renner and his cronies eat there enough on the public dime, so they might as well move in.

  2. Power lunch coming in! Just shows you how well they DO their homework. I BET if that were a test question in a political science class, he’d flunk YOU!

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