Hawaiian Christmas?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Library is going to be closed on December 24th, 25th, 31st and January 1st.  That is twice the time off the Post Office gets.      https://bloomingtonlibrary.libcal.com/






This pic below is from inside Bloomington City Hall.  Evidently the over-taxes citizens aren’t the only ones dreaming of leaving Illinois.

Who paid for the decorations?

Were employees on the clock when these were put up?  It had to have taken a LOT of time.

A pineapple on top of the tree?

The City calendar doesn’t say what days they are closed.  One union contract I looked at says December 24th and 25th and a half day off December 31st.

One more:

From a reader:

The City has a directory close to the front door.  It is also in Braille for the blind.

The table and chairs in front of it means the blind can’t reach it.  Yes, a blind person was at City Hall attempting to read it and couldn’t.

The blind City lawyer must not have noticed.

23 thoughts on “Hawaiian Christmas?

  1. Have you seen the engineering/public works department in Bloomington yet? They’re main office is completely decked out in Christmas decorations and last week, in their back room, they had this massive holiday train display set up and were playing the movie The Polar Express. They had hot chocolate, treats, etc. and it was supposed to be for a competition and special needs kids were the ones to vote, but seriously, this thing was huge. It had to have taken tons of staff time to put all of it together.


  2. Since circulation and visitor numbers are down it gives the staff plenty of time to decorate for the few people that actually go to the library. Any books and media they have are a click away on my phone or laptop, typically at no cost or virtually no cost to me (or my fellow taxpayers).


  3. #1 this is some ugly weird Christmas decorations #2 How much did this cost the taxpayers? #3 Someone has time on their hands to do silly things #4 This looks like a fire hazard to me #5 OMG what were they thinking?


    1. I was told the decorations were brought in by some employees and they used the lunch hour and break. I have to admit that is the ugliest Christmas decoration I have seen in a long time.

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  4. Bah Humbug. Could you people be any bigger Scrooges? Far be it for any employees to decorate their spaces with any imagination. Imagination must be a horrible thing. They must not put up any decorations because it cost tax payer money. Bah Humbug.

    Also apparently it’s wrong for them to spend time with their families at Christmastime. Bah, Humbug I say. They all should be working on Christmas day and their families should suffer because you’re all Scrooges.


    1. They could do what people in the private sector do and take vacation time. Nobody says they can’t be off, but it’s easier to spike pensions when they don’t have to take vacation off to be off around the holidays.

      Easy solution – take Christmas Eve and New Years Eve off as vacation time.


    2. Really? Scrooges? Is all of what is talked about on this site gone completely over your head? First time on the site? This is not at all about Christmas or the display of Christmas decorations. Most everyone here are Christians and support the Christmas spirit.

      Now let’s talk about what we don’t support since you don’t seem to understand. We don’t support a non-profit city (taxpayer funded) organization that is always trying to invent ways to legitimize it’s continued existence (and budget) by trying constantly to be something other than a library. It’s a community center, it’s an outreach facility, it’s an event center, etc., etc. All of which is payed for by our money… yes, it is our money that we worked for and then gave to the city. Even though libraries are obsolete and headed for lines in the history books, I/we would like (until they are forced to close) to have them concentrate on being libraries not on becoming this or that to justify their existence. This over the top Hawaiian themed Christmas decorations is just another example of overpaid city employees with too much time (and money) on their hands.

      So Scrooges we are not. Watch dogs of the public money we are… with Diane leading us to question and hold accountable the people who have been entrusted with our money. So take your weak attempt at gaslighting us somewhere else…. It is not tolerated here.


  5. If they didn’t have decorations up, you all would be complaining they are soldiers in the “war in Christmas.” Come on.
    Merry Christmas!


    1. Right… the war of Christmas is constantly featured on this site? Take your gaslighting somewhere else… like Diane would write an article about the library not having decorations up? In case you haven’t noticed Diane features fiscal responsibility issues. See my response to the Duckdown gaslighter if you need more explanation for what is going on here since you seem to not understand or you just are attempting to be a troll (you need to practice).


  6. “A pineapple on top of the tree?” Remember, this is Tari’s City Hall. A traditional star would be deemed “offensive religious symbolism”. Heads would roll!

    (Be glad it isn’t a hammer and sickle.)


  7. @ DUCKDOWN & BNINDY, I’m tired of paying for their EXCESSES! Tell you what, you two can start an LOONEY LEFTIST EXCESSES FUND and you two can rally your fellow loons to pay for all of this irresponsible spending. Just leave those of us that are capable of (fiscally) sensible thinking out of it.

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  8. I am wondering if it was Taxin Tari’s socialist losing County Clerk candidate Nikita Richards’ “job” as the city’s “employment co-ordinator” (whatever the hell that function serves other than waste taxpayer money) to decorate the office.


  9. The City of Bloomington has many folks living in poverty and homeless folks as well. Where is NIOT when you need them? A pure joke of an organization. Those decorating ecess expenses would have been better spent contributing meals to those in need. Pathetic.

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