Black Lives Matter – Christmas Bail

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Local Black Lives Matter group is raising money to get somebody out of jail for Christmas.  Remember when they did the Mother’s Day and Father’s bailouts?

Maybe it’s just me, but keeping people from getting arrested by teaching them laws matter would be a better approach.  Everything in stores is more expensive because of people who think they are entitled to walk out with merchandise they didn’t pay for.

The lady they bailed out for Mother’s Day already had a case pending in Springfield for retail theft when she was arrested in McLean County for the same thing.  She was arrested again in Springfield just a few days ago for more retail theft:

She was also arrested in July for property damage of less than $500.  In May she was arrested for driving an uninsured vehicle. She also got a speeding ticket for driving 26-34 mph over the limit.  In July she got another speeding ticket – 15-20 mph over the limit.  Another one in September – 11-14 mph over.  Briggs has 7 cases listed in 2018 just for Sangamon County.  See her history in Sangamon county here:

The retail theft case in McLean County got her 24 days in jail and two years probation.  The charges of burglary and contributing to the delinquency of a minor were dismissed.  She entered a guilty plea to retail theft over $300 – felony.

You can look up her history in McLean County here:

The guy who received the Father’s Day bailout is in the custody of the Department of Corrections:

He entered  guilty plea to what looks like domestic battery.

Below is one of the Facebook notices trying to raise money for Christmas:  They think BAIL is the problem.

 It doesn’t appear BAIL is the problem.  Committing crimes is the culprit.


This notice was on the Not In Our Town Facebook page.

What exactly does Not In Our Town not want “in our town”?  Bail?  Prosecution?  Crime?  Jails?


15 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter – Christmas Bail

  1. Soros funded groups working on destroying the good ole’ USA. Big money donated, the leaders of these groups take the cash with no clue, no care of their influences.

  2. Wow! So, the recipient of the Father’s Day bailout gift went back into society and committed domestic battery (not “alleged”, he pled guilty folks), likely beating a wife or girlfriend? Where are the pink hats?! They should be outraged! Violence against women shouldn’t be tolerated. By the way, BLM BloNo states that bailing out an alleged criminal is “a perfect way to celebrate the holiday season”. Wow! If that’s someone’s “perfect” picture of the holiday season, they have some serious issues. I’ll continue volunteering, giving to toy drives, and dropping some change into a red kettle or two. Not to mention spending time with my family…who aren’t committing crime.

  3. All due respect Diane this is mean and petty. What business is it of yours?

    If you don’t like the bail laws change them.

    1. Right Tom… you are funny! Why don’t you start a fund to bail out everyone in the McLean County jail for Christmas? Ask the people at your work and people at your church to help get these poor souls out of jail for Christmas with a donation. You can invite them to your house for Christmas dinner with your family. It will be so…. nice! Yes, Black Lives Matter has turned into Bail out Criminals for the Holidays…. I wonder if only black criminals qualify? Then it should be Bail out Black Criminals for the Holidays… Right? I wonder what kind of reception I would get if I started a Bail out White Criminals for the Holidays? Would that make me a racist? What do you think Tom?

  4. Tom – It is Diane’s and my business because WE PAY TAXES to government entities that are allegedly being used to fight crime. When our local city councils approve of BLM and their tactics, which release criminals that commit even more crimes, my tax dollars are being used against me. Tom, it is not the bail laws… it is the criminals.

  5. Diane is far from mean and petty, bail laws don’t need changed our system of justice says innocent until proven guilty but those people who feel the need to raise bail money for those that continue to commit crimes you need to use some common sense. Do you feel good when these people go on to commit more crimes against society? I guess you can tell me to mind my own business but I honestly don’t want these habitual criminals to be continually released by a group that raises money for their release.

  6. Maybe BLM can instead focus on root causes like the absentee father rate in the black community and its impetus, the “Great Society”-led growth of the government welfare state. Of course, if you bring this up, you’re a racist and hate the poor.

  7. Political thugs “springing” criminal thugs so that decent people can be victimized right over the Holiday season.

  8. I’d BET good money that the person that BLM bails out IS BLACK! IS THAT RACIST?? Never mind they might be a REPEAT offender. It MIGHT be a good thing they spend their money on this, then maybe they won’t have any money for “their” candidates pins, posters, etc in 2020…

  9. I enjoyed that the pantagraph had members of the NAACP pictured in the paper. I was going to point how thats the way to Celebrate Diversity, but my boss said no! HaHa.

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