Since Congress doesn’t want the wall . . .

A triple amputee veterans decided We The People should have a voice since Congress barely cares about illegal immigration.

He started a GoFundMe site to raise money to build the wall on December 16th.  Right now it has raised close to $5.3 million!

Read his story a track the progress here:


32 thoughts on “Since Congress doesn’t want the wall . . .

  1. Let’s see Republicans are in charge of all branches of government. How is it the Democrats fault that a wasteful wall isn’t being funded? I also thought Mexico was paying for that wall. What happened to that promise? I thought Trump kept all his promises. Why is it that the greatest deal maker of all time is unable to deal with Mexico?

    A wall is a medieval solution to a 21 century at the Southern border. Kind of like using a crossbow to combat cyber security issues. With hundreds of thousands of people crossing the US Mexico border at regular border crossings, what is needed is funding for technology, equipment and people. Most illegal immigrants have overstayed their visas so how is a wall going to stop that problem? It won’t. It won’t stop the drugs like fentanyl either, which are coming through the mail from China.

    The Republicans have complete control of the government. They could pass the $5 billion wall funding without a single Democratic vote. Problem is even some Republican lawmakers know there is no border crisis and no wall is needed or will ever be built. Trump created the border “crisis” in order to rile up his base.


  2. You’re just going to delete comments? I guess only people who agree with you can comment. Where is the 5 million dollars this guy collecting going other than the ether? To whom and where? How does anyone know that this isn’t a con? You can’t just collect funds and send it to the Trump administration. How naive is this guy?


  3. “Still, there’s a hitch: Sending money to the government isn’t as simple as writing a check to the Department of Homeland Security and asking that it be used for border wall construction.

    In fact, Homeland Security cannot even accept the money without the explicit approval of Congress. In its policy, the agency cites a federal law that states “gifts may not be accepted, used, or disposed of unless specifically permitted” by Congress.

    So the Trump administration can NOT accept this money this guy is collecting. Congress and Congress along can fund the wall. Read your Constitution. The guy is conning you.


  4. You know Steve, the wall is one step toward securing our border. More agents can’t do It alone. More technology can’t secure the border alone. Why is it politicians and celebrities and the ultra rich all have walls, but they don’t think the United States should have one? This would drastically reduce the number of people from Mexico and Central America from even attempting to come here illegally.

    If technology alone would secure your home, why then did President Obama have a wall placed around the perimeter of his home?

    I am so tired of liberals saying and thinking that if you want to secure the border, then you’re anti immigration. My ancestors didn’t originate here. But they came here legally and went through a process to become citizens. Thats all anyone really want. All are welcome, but come here and respect our home, and do it legally.

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  5. “Problem is even some Republican lawmakers know there is no border crisis and no wall is needed or will ever be built. Trump created the border “crisis” in order to rile up his base.”
    No, the problem is people who are too naive, scared, or duplicitous to acknowledge there is a border crisis. You may be correct that a wall is not the correct solution to the problem, but if not, people should be proposing alternatives rather than proposing we do nothing.
    Democrats and corrupt Republicans contributed to and seek to maintain the border crisis in order to electorally eliminate Trump’s base. Problem is, that means we’re destined to be Norte Mexico, or worse, Norte Venezuela.


  6. You would think that a wounded veteran would put money towards well, wounded veterans. It will still requires Congress to designate the money for any specific use. It will take this guy around 11 years to get the 25 to 60 billion dollars that would actually cost to build the wall. Trump will be out of office…

    It will still requires Congress to designate the money for any specific use,
    U.S. Code › Title 6 › Chapter 1 › Subchapter VIII › Part H › § 453
    “gifts or donations of services or property of or for the Department may not be accepted, used, or disposed of unless specifically permitted in advance in an appropriations Act and only under the conditions and for the purposes specified in such appropriations Act. “


      1. And it will take 11 years to get the 5 billion. There is no crisis at the border. Those who are in Mexico are asking for legal asylum which we as a country have signed treaty to accept those asylum seekers. Trump created this crisis by not accepting those are coming for asylum. Again, more people overstay their visa than sneak over the southern border. People from Central America are coming here because of the conditions we created with the drugs we in the United States consume. Until we stop the civil unrest we started in Central America, asylum seekers will still come to this country.

        The money this guy is collecting would be better spent on wounded veterans or crisis intervention for those veterans than a wall that will never be built.


  7. I hear on the We Got Liberal Tendencies radio this morning that a LOT of people are frustrated that the liberals want to let the wandering hoards of ILLEGAL immigrants in BEFORE the people who have filed the proper paper work..
    So what Steve is TRYING to say in “liberal speak” is Lawbreakers to the front of the line, and you folks with papers in the system, will just have to wait until your papers are reviewed by the proper folks.. WHEN they get to them..


  8. And it’s Christmas what would Jesus do for asylum seekers? Apparently these people aren’t humans but “hoards”. The president does NOT have the votes for the wall, will not have votes for a wall, he does NOT have 60 votes in the Senate.

    .The wall will never be built. If the wall was built, it will not stop illegal immigration since must people overstay their visas. How many times does that have to be said? Drugs are coming either from China or through ports of entry. A wall will do nothing to stop that problem either.

    Those “hoards” in Mexico have a LEGAL right to file for asylum, it was the Trump administration and the Trump administration ALONE who made filing for LEGAL asylum more difficult. They are NOT LAWBREAKERS. They are fleeing violence and through treaties they have a right to file for asylum in the United States. It is not “liberal speak” to have compassion, humanity. It seem more than hypocritical that someone who is a veteran would want to shut the door to people who want to come to this country because we are free, Isn’t what he fought for?


    1. Why did they refuse asylum in Mexico? Without borders we are not a sovereign country. Those who came through Ellis island had to prove they would not be a drag on taxpayers. Not everyone got in. In your world everybody deserves to be here, that’s called suicide of a nation .


  9. Well here goes. I do not like what is going on with our Southern Boarder and even our Northern Boarder. But common sense tells me we as a Country do have to have some controls in place to maintain an orderly immigration operation. We do need to know what kind of people are trying to enter our Country. We did not ask all these folks to rush to this Country. Tell us how and who organized this. Someone has to have arranged for water, food, shelter and medical care on the way here. Who? We have to have this answered now. I have a friend, a Hispanic Minister, that explained to me that most all these new folks are from Country’s south of Mexico and streamed into Mexico to get to the USA. As these people travel along, locals have been giving them clothes to change into as they can not take the time to do any clothes washing. The immigrants sort thru them and not only leave their old clothes scattered around, but also the fresh ones they do not want. then the poorer Mexican people take most away, wash it and share it among themselves as much as they can. What is left over is waste, all kinds. Just yesterday there was a News Report of another group maybe getting ready to start this way. I don’t like it, but I must agree we do have to get control and know who and why we are letting people into our Country. I assure you, if you tried to get into Canada, or Mexico illegally, what would happen to you would not be pretty.

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  10. Again, refugees from Central America have a LEGAL right to ask for asylum in this country. We as a country have taken in many refugees from Cuba to Vietnam to Cambodia. All were able to come to this country. For the most part Ellis Island immigrants were NOT refugees, so your comparison isn’t right. Many refugees would have sponsors and be well on the way to settlement except for the way the Trump administration has put up extra road blocks and stirred up hysteria about these refugees.

    Suicide of a nation? What the heck are you talking about? Immigration has always been our strength, always. Just because these immigrants or refugees might not be the color you like or the religion you prefer, doesn’t make them any less welcome. What if we as country decided that we didn’t want to include your forebearers? What if we made it impossible for them to come to this country like Trump is doing to these refugees? Xenophobia is pretty ugly.


      1. And when your ancestors came to this country they weren’t refused entry by an Executive Order. They were either given entry or given hearings about their refugee status. There were dedicated court rooms at Ellis Island where refugees were able to present their cases. There were interpreters for any immigrant or refugee at that court. In other words refugees had their day in court and usually gained entry into this country. There wasn’t a president throwing roadblocks in their way.

        The Supreme Court refused on Friday to allow the Trump administration to immediately enforce its new policy of denying asylum to migrants who illegally cross the Mexican border. The crisis at the border is self-inflicted by the Trump administration policies. Asylum seekers at the border just like YOUR ancestors have a right to have their asylum cases heard.


    1. Even I will agree on having a Legal Right to seek asylum, but WE also have a legal right to regulate how many we can take in. As far as the others from country’s across the oceans, we did have control with them, too. And on Cuba, we did send some back too. I fault you not for your opinion so much as for mot understanding that everything in life does have limitations. Where do or at what number is you limit?


  11. ” We did not ask all these folks to rush to this Country.”

    Well gee, how inconvenient for those who are escaping the violence that we as a country created. Apparently our country isn’t the land of the free, it’s the land of scared poopless. How horrible that the Mexican government show any humanity to these refugees and give them clothes and food. These refugees risked everything, their lives, to come to a country were they won’t be killed by a drug cartel. How dare they do so, the unmitigated nerve. They should stay in their own country and die, die I say, all their children should die because we hate these people. We’re not the country of the free, we’re the country of the closed door. We want only nicely approved people who aren’t in fear of their lives.

    Again a border wall will not stop those who are in fear of their lives.

    BTW, if I tried to get into either Canada or Mexico as a refugee or even an illegal immigrant, they’d be a lot more humane than the Trump administration has been to the Central American refugees.


        1. Maybe you could mention the marine who ended up in Mexico by accident. Didn’t they lock him up for around 9 months? Gee, I seem to remember Trump sending a plane for him to get him home to Florida – ling before he ran for president.


  12. I’ll give you a response. We will have more terrorist attacks in this country and around the world because of Trump’s withdrawal of troops from Syria. It will not come from the southern border, but from radicalized ISIS who are not defeated but very much on the move. Couple that with a strengthen Iran and Russia, terrorism will spike, complaints about a thousand refugee will be moot in that scenario.


    1. Yes you could be right and probably are about more terrorist attacks, but at least we have made it more difficult for then to get into OUR Country thru our Southern Boarder, no matter what your opinion. The new attacks will have to come thru idiots already here or that come in thru other ways. But on a side note, this illegal boarder crossing did not just start. We know that at least since the mid 1940’s, over 70 years ago, that there was estimated, by the U S Boarder Guards, that more than 6 to 10 million illegals were already in our Country.


  13. Well Steve. I guess you FORGOT (conveniently?) about Bengazi, and other Obama/Hillary “fumbles”
    I guess capitalism is selling UO2 to the Russians in YOUR world…
    Maybe we should keep troops in Afghanistan also-didn’t work for the Russians in the 70’S
    The MIDDLE EAST is and ALWAYS has been a “point of contention” Just ask Serving Him what her black book says about this? A WALL does NOT have to be a “physical barrier” It can be a secured zone.. China has a WALL, that was the technology of the time..


  14. Well Townie maybe you conveniently forgot about 1983 Beirut barracks bombings killing 307 people: 241 U.S. and 58 French peacekeepers and 6 civilians. Or the fact that prior to Benghazi,there were 13 attacks on embassies and 60 deaths at those embassies under President George W. Bush.

    I’m not even giving any time to your ridiculous Insinuations about the sale of uranium. Trump not Clinton is handing a huge gift to Putin in his pullout in Syria.

    Trump is making huge mistake in Syria so much so that his Secretary of Defense just threw in the towel because of its stupidity. Handing Russia, Iran and Syria big wins must be what Trump calls a Christmas present. Trump has no strategy, no plan, nothing. Just declare victory. ISIS will surge in the Middle East and the world with terrorism. The same will happen in Afghanistan, a vacuum will allow Al-Qaeda to surge.

    China has a wall? LOL “Although a useful deterrent against raids, at several points throughout its history the Great Wall failed to stop enemies, including in 1644 when the Manchu Qing marched through the gates of Shanhai Pass and replaced the most ardent of the wall-building dynasties, the Ming, as rulers of China.” Also the Maginot Line really put a crimp in the NAZI’s entering France…NOT


  15. I’d vote dump. I like to hear ‘the other side’, especially when it’s well-reasoned, but I didn’t make it past the first couple sentences of his last few posts.

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  16. I was answering Townie’s comments. She/He mentioned Benghazi which has nothing to do with the border wall. She/He also commented on other issues which had nothing to do with the wall. Why exactly I’m I being “dumped”?


    1. Well if the paper has to explain it to you, you probably need someone with you to interpret it. Should she wait, or are you getting the message, yet?


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