WGLT, Normal – More FAKE NEWS

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Town of Normal held a SHORT meeting last night.  The video claims to be 17:44 minutes, but the meeting didn’t start until 8:22.  Watch it Here

Of course nobody mentioned the issue from yesterday pertaining to renting a building to Dan Brady for $1 per year while the Town is paying more than $7000 in property taxes.  See that story HERE

Mayor Chris Koos was absent, no mention was made as to why he wasn’t present.  Evidently citizens don’t have a right to know why the people they elected aren’t there.

One guy who was present was R.C McBride:

mcbrideDoes anybody think WGLT is performing their duty as government watchdog when the General Manager is on the Normal Town Council?

Another member of the WGLT staff:

carloCounty Board member!






One more:

mccurdyMcCurdy represents Normal on the Connect Transit Board:  http://www.connect-transit.com/about/trustees/default.asp

McCurdy also is the President of Bike Blono:  https://bikeblono.org/board/

Anybody see any conflicts of interest?

Koos owns a bike shop.

McCurdy promotes Bike Blono and Connect Transit while controlling programming at WGLT.

R.C. McBride not only makes news as a member of the Town Council – he can shape what is reported as General Manager of WGLT.

Robustelli’s bio states he is past president of the Ecology Action Center (government-funded), Downtown Bloomington Association (government-funded), and a Board member of the Convention and Visitors Bureau (government-funded) while he spends taxpayer money as a member of the McLean County Board.

WGLT – taxpayer supported media (NPR) is twisted tightly with local government.

If listeners think they are getting REAL news, they are mistaken.

Their reporting is much closer to Provda.

Any more connections?  The entire WGLT staff isn’t familiar to me – except for all the ex-WJBC employees.






19 thoughts on “WGLT, Normal – More FAKE NEWS

  1. I bet these clowns also get big state pensions through ISU! Why they are probably better off working at the kiddie station than at Cumulus.

  2. Great article. Journalism has a professional code of ethics which calls for avoiding anything that can give appearances of bias. When RC Mcbride was at WJBC he was appointed to the Normal Planning Commission by Mayor Koos. Nothing like partnering with the media. I recall RC McBride on several occasions saying he didn’t understand why citizens claimed there was a liberal bias in the media. Hmmmm.

  3. Diane, what you have explained here is the basic problem the news business has when the news businesses individually or personalities within become involved with parts of the public or business sector that can (and do) create bias problems for the public at large. Becoming involved in other activities is good business promotion (for enhancing business bottom line) for media businesses and bias until now was part of it all that we had to put up with. This is why the social media revolution is so effective. The technology allows others (such as you and I and the others so motivated) to inform the public at large about matters that otherwise would not publicized. We are only at the beginning of this change.

  4. I LOVE listening to GLT – on the weekends while they play blues music all day Sat/Sun. But I’m absolutely disgusted by their biased coverage and the liberal talking points their local and national/NPR hosts spew. The worst part, though…is the elitist, snobbish, better-than-you attitudes that come across from most of their local talent (except on blues days) and the national hosts.

    I know the local hosts aren’t just liberals…many are radical leftists…but I had no idea they were so tightly wound with local govt.. Seems to me a glaring conflict of interest.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more b. If NPR were to be defunded by the government, a prudent fallback plan would be to convert to all blues 24/7. I would have had no problem contributing to their fund-raising efforts for the last 25+ years I’ve enjoyed the blues if there was a guarantee that not one dollar would go to support the blatantly leftist news programming (albeit with a sound track!), the sneering, over-the-top leftist “game” shows, and all the other blithering, navel-gazing folderol the station runs.

  5. WGLT, with a staff of long time professional journalists, is being called fake. By a fake news source. That’s rich. You do have one thing in common with WGLT. You both beg for money.

    1. Rob,

      “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

      ― George Orwell

      Do we see these “journalists” reporting anything that makes anyone in power in the least bit uncomfortable?

      WGLT is a public relations outlet for the crony capitalism that controls this town. When did they or you publish anything critical of anything done by the power structure in this town? Please send me a link to something… Something that you had to investigate and not just take what they say and print it. Please Rob send us an example of “journalism” from WGLT… We all want to see and example! Come on Rob – put your link where your mouth is!

        1. That is too bad – I was hoping for some real news from real Journalists – You know all this fake news from your publication with verified documentation is making me think the real news is actually the fake news. It’s really confusing – Oh a friend sent me this today: There’s A Massive Restaurant Bubble, And It’s About To Burst http://ow.ly/2YVE307GXbX – not the best time for 2.5 million dollar hot dog stand. I am not sure if this is real news or fake news.. Maybe Rob can tell us – maybe WGLT will print this story? Will they Rob?

    2. I am still waiting for Rob to provide all of us with examples of “journalism” from the journalists at WGLT? Maybe just one story that doesn’t promote the crony capitalist narrative and makes someone in power feel uncomfortable? There must be plenty of them from WGLT, right? You know those hard hitting investigative pieces that tell the real story behind the people and governments in power. There must be dozens of them, right Rob?

        1. Not your job Rob (you are right) but you did say: “WGLT, with a staff of long time professional journalists, is being called fake. By a fake news source. That’s rich. You do have one thing in common with WGLT. You both beg for money.”
          I am just asking you to show everyone examples of the journalism at WGLT? You say they are “long time professional journalists” right? Please again… since you seem to know – give us one example where WGLT “journalists” have made anyone in power even remotely uncomfortable with they have reported? We are waiting Rob… Is there any investigative journalism being done at WGLT Rob? Please give us an example of this type of journalism? I am just asking you to put your money where your mouth is. Give us examples please – provide some links of articles from WGLT, Rob. We are waiting? Please proof me wrong.

  6. WGLT shoul be run by students not tired, fired, and retired WJBC ex employees looking for a state pension. Everyone of those chucklehead needs to be let go. Don’t spare a soul.

  7. ONLY good one left on WGLT is Don Munson on Thursdays @ night. He just DJ’s and tells music stories. LIKE they USED to do before they became “spew radio”

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