Becky Swan went NATIONAL, in case you missed it

By: Diane Benjamin

Clips of what Becky Swan said at the School Board meeting last week have gone viral across the country. In case you missed them or want to hear ALL of what she said, here it is. Is the District 87 School Board paying attention?

13 thoughts on “Becky Swan went NATIONAL, in case you missed it

  1. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Becky. You said what needed to be said. We truly appreciate you.

  2. Oh I do so love to see an uprising by the peasants, it makes the minor nobility and their loyalists soooo uncomfortable. I wonder if it is dawning on them yet that they are vastly outnumbered. More Becky Swans are given life by the original Becky Swans, or at least that is how it often goes and it’s going to get harder and harder for “the left” (for lack of a better word right now) to act as if they speak for the majority. The next move by the elites will be try and prevent the public from entering any of the meetings and open forums will be come non existent. Buckle up, this is just the beginning. Thanks for posting this I saw it on a couple youtube channels, people NEED to see things like this and be inspired.

    1. Oh you hit the nail on the head and it isn’t just here…..I was watching another viral video of a mom ripping the school board up one side and down the other (calmly and tactfully). Their response, first saying she was “hostile” which she wasn’t and she defended herself to that accusation, then, they told her that her two minutes was up to which she inquired who made that rule, they replied the board to which she said and who paid for this building, the lights on, the chairs the board members sit on etc etc…they had NO answers for her. Disgusting. VOTE THEM OUT OR RUN THEM OUT.

  3. You go girl! Barry Reilly says, “I have a doctorate and you don’t. Therefore, I know what is better for your children than you do.” Another good Catholic like Joe Biden.

  4. I get a daily news email from a politically conservative Catholic news source. There was a link to this video and article on it in there this morning.

  5. I am glad Becky went national. She deserved it. Her comments were that good. And yes she needs to run for office. Let me know if you need help Becky.

  6. thankful for people as Becky Swan. We need to take a STAND against what is occurring against America and our children today… and stand against SOCIALIST COMMUNIST who are infiltrating and invading USA
    They came for the Polish – and no one stood up for the Polish
    They came for the Jews – and no one stood up for the Jews
    They came for citizens in China – and no one stood up for the Chinese people
    They came for the unborn – ABORTION – and no one stood up for the unborn human being
    Then they will come for the ELDERLY AND OLD – because GREED controls the environment and society – so they put the elderly and old to death and get rid of the less than perfect (born with disabilities) – Euthanasia – – and no one takes a stand and speaks up against
    then one day they will come for YOU – and YOU will stand alone as there will be NO ONE LEFT who will take a stand against YOU being put to death as YOU have no value in a society of SOCIALIST COMMUNIST or a world as through one dictator in Germany (one man in power and control)

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