District 87 DOESN’T care what parents said

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

The response below is what District 87 thinks of parents and other citizens who showed up to the school board meeting last week, they couldn’t care less what you have to say about education:

Anybody surprised?

They don’t work for you, they just want your money. This came from the District, not the school board. Anybody contact them?

7 thoughts on “District 87 DOESN’T care what parents said

  1. If I’m reading this right, they’re stating that student and staff opinions mean more than parents/taxpayer opinion does. Sounds like it’s time to shut down District 87 for good.

    Once again, I ask, what are parents going to be willing to do to get rid of these grifters? They aren’t going away willingly.

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    1. The people I grew up with and became teachers were never the best students. In fact, most were average academically and were classroom cutups and immature. It’s not surprising they would gravitate toward a profession where they were protected by a governmental structure with no need to be held accountable. If you listen close enough to teacher-student conversations at the junior high and high school level and had blinders on, you can’t even tell which is which. It’s another reason why teachers have trouble communicating with adults on an equal level after interacting with kids most of their lives instead of adults. The reaction of the retired teacher at the board meeting with a concerned parent was reminiscent of a 17-year-old temper tantrum. It’s small wonder they side with one another on these issues and take offense when the adults in the room take over.

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  2. That little missive of theirs is textbook leftist speak, so typical that I automatically started reading it with their distinctive cadence. Oh and if you challenge them your tone is always bad, you are”misinformed” and you are out of line, those who agree with them are always eloquent and speak with respect. Their schtick is getting VERY old and tired.

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  3. Best way to protest 87? Pull your kids out! There are online schools out there and COVID-19 ha proved that kids can be educated via Internet.


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