What’s Bloomington up to tonight?

By: Diane Benjamin


Citizens: The City is “WOKE”. They have enshrined forever slaves in Texas finally finding out they were free. What won’t be mentioned:

  • slavery wasn’t in the entire country, largely it was in the south.
  • owners were largely democrats who went on to form the KKK when they lost the civil war
  • white people fought to end slavery
  • the first owner of slave was a black man
  • indigenous people owned black slaves
  • democrat president segregated the military
  • democrats created laws to keep blacks from voting

Most important: Leave out the progress made over the last 156 years. (except for the ones promoting this narrative to be divisive)

Again “Woke”. I was contacted by a parent who went downtown with her kids and quickly left the last pride event. She didn’t think it was appropriate for her kids. It will be held again later in June.

PDF page 33

Documentation mentions the ability to communicate with “other agencies”. It doesn’t specifically mention Metcom.

PDF page 121

Police too, ability to communicate with Metcom isn’t mentioned:

PDF page 130

In the past the McLean County Regional Planning Commission has “planned” multi-modal transportation – as in bike lanes on busy streets. Maybe this year they can get McLean County to ban single family building permits. Research that one coming from DC. Housing just isn’t fair when some people can’t afford their own house.

PDF page 163

Connect transit is not sustainable, I bet MCRPC won’t be studying them:

PDF page 171

MCRPC is going to help rural communities. Do what the feds require and we can get you grants:

PDF page 175

Nobody locally can get these?

There are other items on the Consent Agenda that shouldn’t be controversial. Included is approving single family home construction south of Ireland Grove and east of Hershey and a car wash on IAA drive and Vernon.

The only three items on the regular agenda, two are the initiatives Molly Ward brought at a previous meeting:

The third should be a riveting COVID Update.

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  1. Everywhere that I have lived, and when my son was in law enforcement, he was required to purchase his own weapon, which allowed officers a choice of several weapons, all approved by the various departments, but it was his choice based on what he felt was best for him. not the city choosing for him. It should always be that way because, in case no one knew it, police officers come in different sizes and different sexes, so their hands and physical strengths are different. Therefore their personal weapons should be the ones that fit them, not one size fits all.

  2. Generally speaking, having every officer carry the exact same weapon comes with many benefits. While your point about officers coming in many different shapes and sizes is valid, the new model comes with greater options when it comes to configuring the weapon to specific hand sizes. Additionally, one of the main benefits of every officer carrying the same weapon and caliber is interoperability, specifically during shooting situations as another officer can easily lend one of their magazines to a fellow BPD officer and greater knowledge of that specific weapon.

    Also, current configurations allow for METCOM, Bloomington Dispatch, ISU Dispatch and I believe even ISP D6 Dispatch to not only listen, but actively talk to each other, and these radios won’t change anything on that front. The APX8000 in particular would allow BFD to communicate with the obvious NFD, and rural fire/EMS agencies who are currently undergoing radio upgrades, meaning they are operating on two separate radio systems. This radio model combines all of those radio systems into a single radio and while a little pricy, allows tremendous interoperability for BFD. At the end of the day, having both Bloomington Dispatch and METCOM doesn’t make too much sense to me, but that all happened before I moved to the area so I’m not familiar with all the drama there.

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