You should have been there!

By: Diane Benjamin

I attended part of the Angles4Freedom meeting last night. I would have stayed the entire time if Normal hadn’t been meeting.

Lots of candidates and voters attended. Kathy Salvi has my vote for US Senate. I found out we have mutual friends she works with on election integrity issues. She is a fighter, unlike Tammy Duckworth who repeats Democrat talking points. Proof:

Darren Bailey’s running mate, Stephanie Trussell, also attended. Polls show the race is between Irvin and Bailey. It is tragic the GOP nominee will likely receive less than 50% of the vote. Other states have runoffs if one candidate isn’t at 50%, not Illinois. The other candidates with much lower polling should drop out of the race but won’t. For those who think Bailey isn’t electable, consider neither was Trump. In a match up between a tyrannical governor who illegally issues executive orders instead of asking our representatives to have a voice, Bailey can easily win. Illinois will be really sick of Democrats by November when black and browns out occur, gas is unaffordable, store shelves are empty, and inflation has destroyed what little they had left after taxes. Democrats are completely at fault for all of the above.

I’m sure you know early voting started back on May 19th, thanks again to Democrats who think people can’t find time to vote without 6 weeks of voting.

As of yesterday:

According to my quick calculations, that 188 voters at Eastland Mall happened over 17 days, 8 hours a day. That is 136 hours of paying at least 2 people (Democrat and Republican) to sit and wait for around 1 person per hour. Wasting your money is how Democrats roll.

Vote accordingly!







15 thoughts on “You should have been there!

  1. Trump lost Illinois twice. If Bailey was running in Indiana, Wisconsin, or Iowa, he could win. Not in Illinois. The DGA is spending millions artificially propping up Bailey. They think Republicans are dumb! Their ads saying “Bailey is TOO conservative” are meant to make voters think Democrats are attacking him when they really are trying to throw red meat to conservatives. We can’t fall for this trick! Don’t vote for who the Democrats want. Pritzker just gave $500,000 to the Illinois Democrat Party and they immediately spent it on mail that put Trump and Bailey in a picture together. The Dems are begging for Bailey to be the nominee! How do people not see this!

      1. Throwing your vote away is voting for the candidate the Democrats want to face off against 🙂

  2. Any comparisons of Trump vs Clinton are irrelevant, Trump lost Illinois twice. Bailey thinks Chicago and the suburbs should be another state, those people will laugh at him in the general. Pritzker knows this and thats why he wants him to win.

  3. Will AngelsForFreedom fight the gays from teaching my kids? If so, they have my support!!

  4. I saw some tik toks with transvestites talking about plans to brainwash kids on gender identity. I’m tired of this bullshit. It’s happening right here in McLean County. Our leaders are doing nothing!!

  5. If everyone is so sick of what happens year after year in BN, McLean County and Illinois then leave. My new state is not perfect, but common sense usually rules the day in most everything. The corruption in BN, the county and the state will never change. Chicago is your ruler forever. Not a damn thing at the voting booth changes the sick state of affairs. Every politician local and otherwise are corrupt. It’s like Nord trying to change things in Normal. Totally a lone wolf with no help. Stick around another five to ten years and see where it gets you and your families. I’ve never been happier being away from the BN phonies and the never ending games of how things are run.

    1. I never thought of Mclean County , Bloomington , Normal as having actual corruption. I know many of the officials elected in our county and cities. No way can they can be corrupt.

      But somehow the massage spas and ‘nail shop’ fronts seem to operate with complete impunity. The newest one in Bloomington is doing a roaring trade in a former Mosque/Islamic center. !

      I can’t reconcile the reputations of these fine sworn office holders vis a vis the young immigrant women driving new Lexus SUV’s and working at a ‘nail salon’

      But these office holders are well respected men about town , do the best things so conservatively , even Rotarians and Christian , Pillars and exemplars all ..

      yet there goes another early 20’s nail painter in a brand new BMW…

      nothing to see here , I’ll just keep voting for the incumbents.

    2. Pea…we see how happy you are in your new state but we can’t all be fortunate enough to leave like you. With Rivian’s rapid growth, my home value is up 40% here, so glad I didn’t leave last year. Maybe will take your advice sooner or later.

      1. Ron: Happy for your new found wealth on paper. Have you bought those Rivian call options yet that increase daily in value ? Get back to me when the economy collapses, Rivian is shuttered because it can’t compete long term in a free and not fixed government market. Sounds like it is time to put a new additio on your ultra expensive home and a pool in so the BN Cluque does not think less of you. It’s fun to know I get under your skin. Continue to enjoy BN’s roaring diverse economy.

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