Point of Order! Point of Order!

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember the roads report Normal has been working on for close to a year? https://blnnews.com/2022/03/18/denied-foia-normal/

At the next meeting Pam Reece claims that report will be presented. Last night the Town forced the Council to vote on the roads to be fixed before they see the report in 2 weeks.

The Council was told the road construction contracts couldn’t be delayed until the next meeting because construction season is now. No word on why staff waited until June to award contracts if timing was so critical!

12:10. Pam Reece says study is completed and this street list has been out since February. Stan Nord drove these streets and some are questionable as to need at this time. Kevin McCarthy later claimed he hasn’t had time to drive them all.

See 14:30. Nord mentioned Mayor Koos’ road is on the list, Kevin McCarthy called a Point of Order and wasn’t asked why. Koos told Nord he’d have to explain to his neighbors why Fell can’t ever be resurfaced. Nord responded with “never” wasn’t said, just other streets are much worse. Again, Nord wanted to see the data before making decisions.

18:40 – Karyn Smith proves why she needs replaced. She believes everything she is told instead of representing citizens. Scott Preston follows, he attempts to agree with with Stan but votes with staff anyway. Ryan Otto then claims the study isn’t done.

Residents of Normal should be thrilled to know the worst streets do not have priority. Ryan Otto says the Town wants to get away from “Worst First”:

Bloomington tries to combine sewer and water work with street resurfacing to avoid tearing up a new street. Normal never said that is their policy but it likely is, the problem is water main replacements and sewer separation take a backseat to bike trails and Uptown.

There is more to report, Chemberly Cummings is being tested to replace Kevin McCarthy with “Point of Order”. McCarthy must think he will be Mayor when Koos finally gets a vote to the Amtrak Board. McCarthy will need Cummings to stop discussion he doesn’t want to have.

7 thoughts on “Point of Order! Point of Order!

  1. Hilarious! Chumperly is practicing parroting and being lead around by the nose. Only knows what she’s told to know. This is no representation at all. The taxpayers should find this list of roads for resurfacing an abysmal failure. What an absolute joke.

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  2. This stupid shits at your council meetings are why my company chose not to locate in Normal. I have dealt with many city’s. Thank god Normal won’t be the next!


  3. The entire state of Illinois doesn’t have enough money to fix normals worst roads. Then there’s Bloomington don’t even get me started on their roads!

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