By: Diane Benjamin Two topics were discussed during Normal’s 5:00 pm Work Session: the Underpass lighting and north side aesthetics plus this one: Funding a Housing Navigator Bloomington heard the details awhile back and hasn’t voted, Monday it was Normal’s turn. It was stated by Kathleen Lorenz that Bloomington-Normal is currently short 4300 places to […]

Where’s the PASER report?

By: Diane Benjamin In case you forgot, PASER is the Pavement Rating and Assessment Project the Normal Town Council passed last October: See PDF page 35. The Council was told the total cost would be $100,000 with a grant arranged by the McLean County Regional Planning Commission for $80,000 of that. The Town would […]

Point of Order! Point of Order!

By: Diane Benjamin Remember the roads report Normal has been working on for close to a year? At the next meeting Pam Reece claims that report will be presented. Last night the Town forced the Council to vote on the roads to be fixed before they see the report in 2 weeks. The Council […]

Flashback to when Normal took the underpass grant

By: Diane Benjamin This meeting happened less than a year ago – July 19, 2021. It was difficult to pick the part taxpayers need to see. Listening to the entire discussion shows how government operates, it starts at 1:24:00. Take free money, figure out the details later. The part I picked shows taking the Federal […]