Why would Rodney Davis take money from an anti-farmer PAC?

By: Diane Benjamin

Phillip Nelson, former Director of the Illinois Department of Agriculture and former Director of the Illinois Farm Bureau, has stated that Candidate Rodney Davis has taken donations from a group who’s mission is directly adversarial to the mission of Illinois’ farmers.

We found that Rodney Davis took donations in 2013, 2018, twice in 2020, and 2021 from the Humane Society Legislative Fund Political Action Committee, an organization who fights for animal rights and are against livestock containment facilities such as the kind Illinois farmers use when raising hogs, cows, turkeys, chickens, etc.

Davis purports to be “a strong advocate for local farm families,” but accepts donations from groups adversarial to farmers?

This should be a cause for concern for southern Illinois farmers, and basically anyone who eats meat.

With the rising costs of groceries and massive increases in fuel prices, Illinois does not need another attack on its farmers.

2 thoughts on “Why would Rodney Davis take money from an anti-farmer PAC?

  1. Just one more reason why you should vote for Mary Miller. Davis is also spending money on a telephone poll that asks some basic demographic questions, whether or not you are a trump supporter and who you would vote for him or Mary Miller. Once you say Mary Miller then you get a question ….would you still vote for Mary Miller if you knew. Xxxx.. and of course it is something negative about her . Once you answer that question then the survey is miraculously over! No more questions. My response to the negative was “YES I will still vote for Mary because you have no hard proof and there are so many lies being told by Rodney you can’t believe them. Seems like Rodney is desperate to win.. if you are in you are out. It is time for him to go! He is nothing more than a RINO. His voting record proves this

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