Why would Rodney Davis take money from an anti-farmer PAC?

By: Diane Benjamin Phillip Nelson, former Director of the Illinois Department of Agriculture and former Director of the Illinois Farm Bureau, has stated that Candidate Rodney Davis has taken donations from a group who’s mission is directly adversarial to the mission of Illinois’ farmers. We found that Rodney Davis took donations in 2013, 2018, twice […]

Ted Cruz endorses Mary Miller, not Rodney Davis

Excerpt: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is endorsing Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) for reelection in Illinois’ 15th district, highlighting her devotion to securing the border and protecting both life and the Second Amendment, Breitbart News has learned. Rep. Miller is facing off against fellow Republican Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) due to redistricting in the state, with portions […]

More reason Rodney Davis needs retired

By: Diane Benjamin See these two links: Rodney Davis joined Adam Kinzinger to support DACA amnesty Rodney Davis supports Red Flag gun confiscation Good in theory, until government starts confiscating guns.     President Trump has endorsed Congresswoman Mary Miller (R-IL) for re-election in Illinois’ 15th District. Mary and her husband Chris run a third-generation […]

Fact-Checking Rodney Davis’ Claims of 31 County Republican Central Committee Chairmen Endorsements

By: Diane Benjamin Rodney Davis claimed endorsements on his campaign website: https://electrodney.com/rodney-davis-announces-2022-re-election-campaign-to-congress-in-new-il-15/ In case Rodney decides to “revise” his website, below is part of the list he has on his website now: Rodney probably thought he wouldn’t be fact checked, unfortunately for him he was. Of the County Party Chairmen who were contacted either by […]