Fact-Checking Rodney Davis’ Claims of 31 County Republican Central Committee Chairmen Endorsements

By: Diane Benjamin

Rodney Davis claimed endorsements on his campaign website: https://electrodney.com/rodney-davis-announces-2022-re-election-campaign-to-congress-in-new-il-15/

In case Rodney decides to “revise” his website, below is part of the list he has on his website now:

Rodney probably thought he wouldn’t be fact checked, unfortunately for him he was.

Of the County Party Chairmen who were contacted either by telephone or by email, those who responded:

–          Most of the county chairmen who responded stated they DID NOT endorse his campaign

–          Some respondents stated they were never even contacted by the Davis campaign and did not know how they got on his list

–          All indicated they would never endorse a candidate as a county party prior to the primary election

–          Some of them did say they endorsed him in their personal capacity, not as the county chairman, because they have known him for years

–          Others indicated they felt they were misled or believed Davis was the only candidate at the time and that Miller had not yet indicated she would be running for the office

The questions asked of the various chairmen were:

  • Did your county central committee endorse Rodney Davis?
  • Did you endorse him in your personal capacity?
  • If so, were you under the impression that he was the only candidate running for this office?

The Davis campaign needs to re-look at those alleged endorsements and publish an accurate list – without the obvious attempt at claiming more endorsements than they actually have.

Attempts were made by the fact checkers to contact the campaign manager of Davis, but calls went to voicemail.

United State House of Representatives Member Mary Miller announced her candidacy in the 15th Congressional District shortly after receiving an endorsement from former President Trump. Is Davis scared?








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