Denied FOIA because Koos blew a vote?

By: Diane Benjamin

I FOIA’d what Chris Koos read at the January 4, 2022 Council meeting.

This video is 20 seconds, it includes a little of Scott Preston before Chris Koos:

The camera was not on Chris Koos when he was reading his statement, I could not tell he was reading from his phone:

This is the response I received to my FOIA:


The Town of Normal doesn’t know a document on a phone is the same as a document in his hand? Yes, records do exist either on the Town’s Wi-Fi history or Chris Koos’ phone history.

What Chris Koos read is not on the National Fitness Champaign website. Below is the closest wording that is on their website:

In case you can’t read the tiny print:

“For over 40 years, we’ve been dedicated to helping communities fund, build and activate the Fitness Court, the world’s best outdoor gym.”

Non-profit is not in that statement.

I sent an email to the Town Clerk yesterday at 1:45pm asking for the website address. No response so far.

Prove me wrong Normal: Chris Koos intentionally deceived the Council by forming his own sentence.

Normal should ban all electronic devices at Council meetings if they believe they aren’t subject to FOIA. Text messages sent during Council meeting have been successfully FOIA’d, why does Normal think a website is any different? When the language read affects a vote, of course it’s subject to FOIA!








2 thoughts on “Denied FOIA because Koos blew a vote?

  1. Koos “claims” he got his information from another source. Unless he can provide his “source” then he owns his misleading statement. Remember Reece confirmed the same thing, did her source suddenly vanish too? If the lie indeed came from another source who dealt with NFC then NFC has a history of misleading the government to get tax dollars. This is a pattern that deems investigation. I am in awe that Normal is still spending tax dollars without first determining who was responsible for the fraudulent claim. Someone is getting paid to be this stupid.

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